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Sexy HR Manager

About 18 years ago, I worked at a downtown office that had about 100 people working there. I was the nice guy that helped everyone with technology issues. The hr manager there was super sweet, but she was also crazy sexy hot. She had long curly blonde hair, a luscious big ass and beautiful breasts (size DD). She also had a sultry voice that guys loved to hear. Guys would just call her on the phone to hear her voice. I'll refer to her as Jane.

Jane took a fancy to me for some reason. I'm not real handsome. I kinda look like the older Bruce Willis with a shaved head. At that time I was married. I was very unhappily married with kids but trying hard to remain faithful.

Anyway, we started talking and getting to know each other. We emailed and texted quite a bit. The crazy thing was, she was engaged! But she was in real torment about what to do. The guy she was engaged to was a cool guy. Very funny. Rugged handsome. But she was attracted to me as a person and she really didn't want to marry this other guy. She felt trapped.

We began flirting a lot and sharing fantasies, and soon it became a few kisses during elevator rides together.

A night in May became one of my favorite memories.

Jane called me from a bar. She had been home alone earlier, but she went out with some girl friends. There was an older jerk who was hitting on her. She called to say she wished I was there to help her escape. So I drove as fast as I could and quickly helped her make excuses to leave the group she was with. We went back to her place and had a few shots of some Jack Daniels single-barrel whiskey. She was pretty loaded but had a knack for holding her own when it came to drinking. She could drink most guys under the table.

We were sitting on the sofa, and her bare legs were laying on my lap. I was caressing and massaging them as we talked.

She got up to show me some pics that she was talking about. I followed her, and as she was holding the pics to show me, I pressed up behind her and wrapped my arms around her. My hard on pressed up against her ass. I think she was hoping I would do that. I then spun her around and we started kissing and caressing. The clothes began coming off next.

We moved to the bedroom where our pants and underwear came off. I was so excited to be with this woman who had so captivated me. She was now laying on her back on the bed. My lips and mouth moved from her neck down to her huge breasts. Her moans were intoxicating and I was enjoying her hands rubbing my head.

I was anxious to get my tongue to her pussy but I wanted to savor the moments and not go too fast. But Jane was anxious and ready too. When my mouth reached her pussy, I was thrilled to find a lovely patch of hair (that turns me on). And oh my god, did she taste divine! As I was licking and sucking on her clit, I paused a few times to tell her how wonderful she tasted. She continued to moan and caress my head while I devoured her pussy. After several minutes, she pulled at my head to motion me up. She wanted my cock inside of her. She was so very wet. My stiff cock slid in easily and I still remember how she threw her head back and gasped. As I started to thrust, we switched between kissing and sucking on each other's neck. Her hands reached down to my ass and squeezed. This was heaven. It didn't take too long before I exploded inside of her, and we both collapsed in contentment.

Over the course of the next several hours, we were at it again two more times before the sun rose. During one of those romps, we actually fell off the side of the bed, laughing as we went.

It was an amazing night.


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