No Pussy But Fuck A Lot

My wife is trans. NOT because she wanted to change from being a boy to a girl or anything. Her testicles didn't develop and drop. So at a young age her parents listend to docs and had them removed. She took hormones at the proper time and developed and lived as a girl and now a woman. She never had the money to get an operation to form a vagina for her. She has essentially a small penis, that is only about 2 inches long and it doesn't get erect. We met in college, I asked for a date and she shot me down. The third time I asked why and we'd been talking to each other and studying together for several weeks and she opened up and told me the story.

I really felt that she was all woman and eventually we dated, and when it came time to have sex, she was apprehensive but willing. Her tits were natural D cups on a very womanly body, nice hips, beautiful legs and an ass to die for. I've always had a real love for anal sex and she did have sex with two other guys before. The first just wanted to fuck her ass and tease her, and mark one off his list, the other was for a year. We fucked through college, I never had the need to look back, I married a beautiful woman with a hot bikini body though she doesn't have a vagina.

We have the money now if she wants surgery. I personally don't care, I just want her to be happy. I think things may stay as they are.


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