Friendsgiving Fun

My buddies and I this last weekend had our annual Friendsgiving. Over the years as some our friends have kids or get married this even gets bigger. I am single no kids and have a large home on a large lot. So I offered to have it again at my place. 3 buddies help me set up and the wives and girlfriends help with the food. I do the deep fried turkeys and a few smoked. It’s a lot of work but it’s a lot of fun. My close friend had brought a girl over I had never met before. I hand. It seen him in a while and he filled me in that they had met while out and had been seeing each other for a few months. Her name was Katie really cute strawberry blond hair about 5 foot 6 small boobs but a real curvy figure. She had a fitted green sweater dress with these high black boots. Her dress that was fitted was kind of small for her really showing off her figure and when she leaned or bent over a few times in front of me I could see some ass and a few times her g string right up her butt. I enjoyed the view and never said anything. As the night went on the drinks where flowing and after dinner some people where starting to leave. My buddy was blitz and Katie was good but I could tell she was feeling good as well.
She asked me if I wanted another drink and I said ok. As she walked away I kept a close eye on her and she would look back at me as I watched her walk. I saw her lean over and grab a drink from the cooler. She caught me looking at that nice juicy ass as she bent and I noticed she stayed bent over a little longer then she had to as if to make sure I had a good view of her. She made her way back to me with my drink and we had some small talk. I was flirting with her and she was flirting back. There were only a few people with us outside and I put my hand on her backside as I went to walk away and told her that I would be right back. As I moved my hand I made sure that my hand grazed her ass. I wanted to see what she would do. I went to talk to someone else and was back in 5 minutes to talk to Katie. When I got back to a Katie we made our way a little further away from the house by a shop I have. A simple little walk is what I intended. She walked next to me I rested my hand on her lower back and slid on her ass and she stopped and leaned over and kissed me. As we kissed my hands went under her dress and i lifted it up over her ass exposing her cheeks. I pulled us into my shop where there was a work table and spun her around and bent her over. Before I fucked her I did a few good tongue lashings. She was so tight I fucked her from behind while in a standing position. I made sure to not pull out and I shot my load inside her. Before I could say anything she turned around after I pulled out and cleaned me up. It was the best feeling. We cleaned up the best we could and made our way back to my house. My buddy was past out on the couch the people that where left saw me and they thanked me and went on there way. Katie came out of the bathroom and said that she was leaking cum. I laughed and told her that it was just us 3 left I locked the house up through a blanket on my buddy and took Katie upstairs and gave her a proper fuck. We showered together spent some time in there. She let me slip it in to her butt which she said she had never done and I believed her after putting it in there she was so tight and had a hard time with it. We went back down and my buddy was still passed out. Katie thought about leaving but I was still horny and I took her back upstairs where we spent the night together and fucked a few more times and a few more times in the morning. She has a pair of my sweats and a t shirt in the morning before she left. My buddy stayed asleep until around 10 asked me what happened with Katie. I told him that she got pist and left when you past out. He didn’t care and said oh well. He left after we had some lunch Katie text me a 20 second clip of her riding me and asking if she could come over later tonight. I text her back and said to cum now. It’s almost 7 on Monday morning and she is laying completely naked next to me. She took the ass fuck a little easier this time. I think I found the one for now.


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