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I"m a student on campus and I posted on a gay bulleting board that I was looking for someone to hook-up and I got an answer from this dude and he told me to go to the fourth floor bathroom way at the back of the Law Building. He told me he was free anytime, morning, mid-morning, afternoon, late afternoon....so I agreed to meet him there at 11:00am.

I did as planned, went to the first bathroom stall and waited. A few minutes later, the guy showed up and he went in the stall next to me. He then told me to remove the spare toilet paper holder and to my surprise, it just came off and there was a large hole that had been drilled out.

I heard him start undoing his belt buckle and I did the same and put my cock through the hole. He sucked me gently and deeply and after good 10 minute sloppy wet bj, I came in his mouth. He then poked his cock in the hole.

He had a nice thick cock, with a big mushroom head, he was fair skin with light blonde pubic hair. I got on my knees and sucked him and totally enjoyed his tasty cock. He was pumping my mouth through the hole and he eventually exploded in my mouth.

I heard him get dressed again and I noticed that his blue pants had a light stripe along the side. He told me out loud on the way out of the bathroom that he wanted my cock again and that he would contact me by email to do this. I replaced the toilet holder and blocked the hole and left.

A few days later, I was walking to class and when I passed the security desk at the Law Building, I noticed that the security woman was wearing blue pants with a light stripe that looked awfully familiar. The next morning, I decided to go for a walk and sure enough, there was a cute blonde guy behind the desk in full uniform. He was about 24, baby faced and light skinned.

I met this guy three times a week for at least two years and the hole almost became an addiction. His smell and taste was so familiar to me that I would wake-up in the middle of the night wanting more.

I never told anyone even my roomates.


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