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Fucked My Wifes Ass Finally

My wife and I have been married for 20 years. We have 3 kids. Our sex live has always been great but I’ve always wanted anal and she never has

So this past Saturday night when we had the house to ourselves we were having sex. Well she was sucking my Hairy dick at the time. I was ready to eat her out then fuck her. As I was eating her out I put my finger in her butt. I did that regularly.

I started to fuck her. She gets very wet. We get in doggy position and I start fucking her in that. I put my thumb in her butt as usual in that position. Then I heard something I’ve been waiting to her for years. She said fuck my ass. I had to stop and say what did you say! She said fuck my ass. I was excited!

I reached over and got the lube out of my night stand. Lubed her up and myself. Then began to penetrate her ass. It was so tight and she was making all kinds of noises. Took a few minutes till I finally got in. Then I sank my dick in balls deep. I held it there as she rubbed her clit. When her breathing slowed down I started to slowly fuck her ass. I picked up the pace and in minutes I was Cumming in her butt. I was morning like crazy and so was she.

I pulled out and collapsed in bed beside her. She said that was an intense orgasm for you. I said the same to her in which she replied that she couldn’t believe that she orgasmed from anal.

Sunday morning she was kinda pissed. Her asshole was sore she told me. I laughed and said let’s do it more regularly so that your asshole is used to it. She looked at me and said I’ll do anal often but only on Friday or Saturday nights.



by Anonymous on Sep 15, 2020 at 9:36 AM

Good for you and your adventurous wife! One tip to make it more pleasant, it's been my experience with a handful of women that if they don't go to the bathroom shortly after, the cum does act as a sort of enema and she may have the runs. Especially if her butt is sore, that's not good.
I only knew one gal who enjoyed holding the semen in her guts and never had a problem.
Many years ago I was dating a woman who liked getting nooners on her lunch break and enjoyed feeling cum leaking into her panties from her bottom.
Anyway, take it easy on her and do keep hitting her in the can.

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by Anonymous on Sep 16, 2020 at 5:46 AM

Sounds like you are enjoying the new found sex. My current GF was never into anal but I slowly introduced it to her, the same as you, first a finger, then a thumb and eventually my tongue and then my dick. We have purchased several anal toys and she loves them all. She especially loves the beads I bought her and the steel, j*wel topped butt plug. I can get her off easily enough, but when I put something in her ass, it takes her to a whole new level. I have even shoved vibrators up her ass and then fucked her. Holy shit, that was amazing for both of us. The sensation of feeling the vibration of the toy in her ass made me cum really hard and she squirted everywhere.
Have fun and try new things like anal toys. My GF said she was never into anal before but loves it with me.

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