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Missing First Time

I was raised going to a nudist resort with my parents every since I can remember. Seeing them nude and others, as well as going nude my self has been just an accepted thing. Very rarely do we go nude at home, though we all shower without the doors closed, and walk to and from our rooms naked. I must confess my sister who is now 16 is very hot and has a super tight body, though this isn't about her. Last summer I met Charlie (a girl, not a guy) at the resort. We hung out a lot she was 16 then, I was 17. Charlie is what I've seen described as a BBW, a big beautiful woman. She is just that, big and beautiful. Not fat really, just big. She is very well shaped, with a waist, hips, nicely shaped legs, and great butt it's all just big. That does include her tits too. She said they are FFF cup, my mom has DD and my sister is already a full D and they look small next to Charlies. My sister said that she and Charlie put them on a scale and they weight 10 lbs each.

Eventually Charlie and I went the next step from just hanging out to being boyfriend and girlfriend. Each of us was at the resort for 3 weeks. She said that she liked the fact that I admitted I'd never had sex. She got a lot of offers, I'm sure due to her enormous tits and the fact that she is very pretty. She didn't want to have sex her first time with someone who had been with a lot of others, or worse; someone who merely said they'd been with a lot of girls. We were holding hands now all the time, kissing a little in front of people and really kissing passionately when alone. My cock would get hard rubbing up against her trimmed hair on her pussy, her big tits pressing against me and my hands roaming all over her body. She at first laughed at my getting hard, then liked that she could make me that way. Eventually she let me rub her while she jacked me till I shot. Then finally I licked her in my bungalow till she was moaning and practically screaming. I saw her hymen that day and I wanted it.

It was at night, warm breezes lying naked on a double air mattress with towels laid over it that we had sex. We were on a small section of beach away from everything else, including all the nights activities. I was lying between her legs, my cock lined up between her pussy lips (which were really tiny for such a big girl) and asked her how she wanted it, to go slow or to push in and break it quickly. With my hard cock head at her entrance she pulled me into her with her legs and I was in. It took only about 10 minutes before thinking of baseball, race cars, and anything else I could think of to not cum so fast, but I did. She didn't and I knew it. I pulled out and she was really upset because she didn't think I'd cum inside her. I did and I helped wash it out. First though I took a small towels and wiped up some of her blood and my sperm. After that we had sex often, with a rubber if I was cumming in her, and without if I pulled out. Then she asked if I wanted to try to do it in her butt. I'd already cum in her mouth and this was the third hole. I loved it, she was sore but still let me do it sometimes.

This summer we didn't get to go to the resort, I am in constant touch with Charlie, even doing naked sessions together on our phones. I really wanted to fuck her again, and she wanted it too. Now that I'm old enough I'm going to try to drive to her place and take her out. I really miss not fucking her.


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