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South America Disappointment.

Invited a guy over for sex because he had a beautiful uncut cock in the pictures that he sent. But once we got together he had a beautiful nothing, Cock was weird and thin and uncut but much, much smaller than the seven inches he claimed and grinder. This is the third or fourth person from South America who has had great looking pictures of their cock and body but when they show up they’re a Fucking disappointment, the cock is ampler, they don’t look good and the sex is terrible. I can’t fucking believe it, I fucked this dude out of pity. I don’t like the hike these dudes gives themselves. I’m disgusted with myself. They say seven inches and a distorted picture of their cock and show up with a smaller cock. I say 6.5 inches and turnes out I have a bigger dick.

The only Latinos that I have had good luck with are Mexicans and Brazilians. Know a few Brazilians guys, great in bed, hung, hot . Also know some with weird dick and bad attitudes.
Same goes for Mexicans met and fucked several hung, hot, and great in bed, the only issue with Mexicans is they are all about the emotions and how you treat them. Blah blah blah. One Mexicans guy had the most beautiful cock and hung, thick and uncut. Wanted to take a picture and turn it into wall art.

Know one Venezuelan guy who’s hung and a nice guy but met some arrogant pricks from that country I steer clear.

Colombians. Thought you were hung naturally sense we hear you’re all hung. But you’re average dicks prove you wrong.

Chile. Average, nice meh

Peru. Meh kind of weird, one was plenty

Central Americans like to play kind games and The Who’s fucking who game, annoying.

Argentina, have also only fucked one twice and he was alright too, liked being balls deep in his ass.

I’m done fucking Latin America.

Back to my good old white, black, and Mexicans America’s those are my base, my people Ana who I enjoy the best sex with.

Maybe I’ll start fucking Europeans next. Have already fucked a French guy and a English guy... lol we’ll see


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