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My Secret Life

I took a job in internal audit and was assigned to the retail division. I traveled 75% of the time, staying in hotels, motels, one or two nights in a row, then onto the next stop. As an auditor you are no one's friend you eat alone, writeup your report at night and go to bed alone. I masturbated a lot, as time went on I started using lubes and dicks. I was self conscious about my habit, kept my lube and dick in a zipped case, worrying that an airport or an accident would expose me. Along the way one night after eating at the food court in the mall I bought some panties at JC Penney's and masturbated harder than ever before. I started wearing panties, shopping at VS for skimpier, sexier panties, in purple, orange, red.

Then I had the accident I dreaded. I was wearing lace pink VS panties and was driving with a butt plug. The nurse in the ER had to remove the butt plug and cut away the panties. I was awake enough to be embarrassed, she never flinched. After that experience I lost any concern about wearing panties, using butt plugs, masturbating, bringing my dick with me. Just enjoy.

Most motels have windows facing the courtyard and walkway, I left the curtains open enough if dome walker walked by they could see me masturbating, wearing my many colored panties, enjoying sliding my dick in and out my ass. In Danville Ky a trucker knocked on the door and offered to help. He certainly had a large dick, went deep, fucked me good. The cum dripped out of my dick. After a joint hot shower I lived my dream, I sucked his hard dick.

Now I audit at a distance, masturbating at home in my panties, watching gay truckers sex on the laptop, dreaming of a knock on the door.



by Anonymous on Dec 1, 2020 at 1:14 AM

I just flashed on a scene where a gay trucker is sucking my dick while my hot wife is sucking his.
She's always fantasized about doing it in a sleeper and the doubles with an attic are easily big enough for threesome sex. Just good clean fun with a knight of the road.

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