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Falling In Love In The City

28 in the city. Coming from a small midwestern town of 30 thousand I was lost in the city. I found a place, rented a room with what turned out were lesbian women trying to buy the place. At first we kept our distance but we shared the kitchen, living and bathroom and we had to talk and get to know each other.

One night they were loud, vocal, nasty words. The next morning they apologized, told me they were play acting, actually they were self conscious about making love because they knew the rooms were back to back. I told them if they clued me in I would go for a walk. The first clue was to join them, no secrets, open sex, one, two, three.

No kissing, if you kiss you fall in love. Open pussy was not falling in love. Nipple pinching is not falling in love. Clit teasing is not falling in love. But kissing is falling in love. The bed was really too small, we are small but not enough room for three. Two at a time then, then two more at a time, then two more until everyone got off. Just no kissing. Except for me it is all about kissing.

Waking up between them, smelling of sex, memories of pretty nasty things, words you never use, lips kissing lips, except eyes not there, kissing puckered bottoms, kissing hard nipples, but no eye to eye kissing. Until they let me kiss with them and we fell in love. And you wake up between them, and you turn over into her arms kissing her nipples gently to wake her up.

28 in the city, between two girls, smelling of sex, kissing her sweet lips, her hand in your hair, fighting to not fall in love in the city.



by Anonymous on Nov 29, 2020 at 1:39 PM

Male here. Loved reading it.

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