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Young And Horny PT2

His cock went deep in my ass the pain was more pleaserble than hateful he pouded me like he hadn't had sex for years not that I minded as he pumped me my hard cock was rubbing against the mattress and I was enjoying the feeling.
His hand was still pushing my head down in to the pillow so all I could do is moan with pleasure it felt like his cock was reaching.my heart and banging against it he began screening, ""you fucking slag you have taken all my cock fucking yeah"
He started pushing harder so I new he was going to cum before he did I had climaxed onto his mattress and my belly was rubbing in it with that he pulled his cock out and cum all over my ass and back he screamed at me when he finished them grabbed me and told me to get out which I did as I pulled up my shorts.

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by jackbird on Jan 13, 2021 at 12:12 PM

Sounds good to me. I am 64 and love being fucked hard. I love the feeling of a guy fucking me deep and cumming deep in me. I love married guys and they love fucking me telling me there wife's suck in bed. I moan like a bitch in heat telling them how big they are how good there cock is tell them fuck me harder deeper thats it fuck me oh yes cum in me breed your sissy slut thats it oh yes yes oh do it cum they love hearing that. Been on hormones off and on over the years. My dick is a useless small looks pathetic hanging meat that dose no get hard anymore. Come fuck me hard and deep I need it bad.

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by Anonymous on Jan 14, 2021 at 9:06 PM

You fucking slag I love it

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