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Obsessed With A Feminization Fantasy

In the outside world, and in the bedroom (outside being a pegging-enjoyer), I'm a fairly typical manly-man, but I've had a feminization fantasy for years now. Since I was at least 19.

A mommy domme of any legal age and I become regularly "involved." It would start out rather innocently with some mild crossdressing here and there until it becomes a regular thing - to a point where I am lounging around the house with her in girly outfits, lingerie, etc. 24-7 - and am almost exclusively bottoming for her. Eventually the question of "want to go even further? With more permanent things." gets asked.

I say "Yes."

So we put me on hormones and begin transitioning me. My features gradually become more feminine. My ass becomes rounder. I begin to grow breasts. My waist becomes more hour-glass shaped.

I end up being passable enough when enough makeup is applied to where I can even go outside and pass.

But she asks for more. I agree, once again. So we start planning feminizing surgeries.

The first one is facial feminization.
The second narrows my shoulders.
The third is breast implants up to a 34D, since by this point - there is something for the plastic surgeon to work with, making them look better than they normally would. A fat transplant to my hips is also included.
The fourth, and final one, is removal of my testicles.

She seems happy. I am happy that she is happy. She doesn't cuck me or make me have sex with men or anything. It's just a mommy domme and her girlfriend in a lesbian relationship at this point.

When I masturbate, it's all I can really think about. When I decide to go on a sex-chat, it's all I'm really interested in talking about.

When I am not masturbating (living my regular life or just having regular sex) or on a sex chat, it's not on my mind at all. It, however, remains my favorite fantasy.


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