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My Wife's Exposure

I’m married to Dawn a gorgeous petite blonde and have two children. Due to all this pandemic stuff, I decided not to leave the country but to holiday in the UK during August.

We stayed at a caravan park and had a great time; the weather was kind to us which meant it felt like being on holiday in the Mediterranean.

There was a shower block we used which, to be honest, took some getting used to. There was a shower and toilet in the caravan but it wasn’t great; so we mostly used the shower block and toilets.

One morning to give my wife a break I got the kids ready for kiddie club and dropped them off as Dawn showered at the camp showers. She had been taking our daughters into the showers with her but it was a stressful affair. After I’d dropped them off I went to shower too.

As I approached I really fancied a cigarette. The campsite had signs everywhere about not smoking in the caravans, and with children about I tend to try and smoke away from them; I do feel like a leper these days. There were some people around the entrance of the shower block talking so I nipped around to back to lite up a cigarette.

As I went around the corner to the back I disturbed a group of lads who were crouched down with their heads against the wall. On seeing me they scarpered. I wondered what they were doing so took a look?

In the breeze blocks that made the back wall of the shower block, there were small holes! I took a quick peek and could see into an empty shower cubicle. I quickly moved along to the one the lads were fighting to look through and saw pair of legs and an ass! The lady then turns around and I see a neat strip of wet blonde pubic hair and straight into my wife’s distinctive pussy. I knew it was her, as I recognised her lovely pussy plus to eliminate any doubt she has a small love heart tattoo on her hip which I could also see. So those lads had been looking at my wife’s ass and pussy! This oddly really turned me on big time!!

I had my cigarette and pondered this strange arousal I felt. On finishing, I walked around to the front and saw the lads sat at a picnic table near the front. Dawn and another woman then walked out of the shower block and the lads looked over. I’m guessing as Dawn has very blonde hair they were looking to see the face of the woman they had been spying on; this also turned me on?

I decided to have a shower later, and went back to the caravan with my wife and fucked the living shit out of her for an hour. The thought of the lads looking at her pussy really got me into one hell of a state. My wife asked what on earth had gotten into me. I told her it was the sun and sea; I didn’t mention it was her ass and pussy being viewed by four randy teenagers.


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