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Certain Days

There are certain days that I'm extremely horny! I jerkoff at work several times a day. I watch porn on my phone. I watch all kinds of porn. Straight, Lesbian, TS, pee play... I get so worked up. My precum starts dripping. I love the taste of my precum! It's so sweet and delicious! I just wish I could produce more! It turns me on to spread it on my lips and tongue. I edge, edge, edge myself at my desk until I finally can't take anymore and I cum in my hand then slurp up the pooled cum in my palm. Once I'm done I start watching porn again. I get myself aroused and start the cycle again. I swallow anywhere between 4-7 cum shots in my work day. Like I said. I only get extremely horny like this 1-2 times a month. It consumed me! I've only eaten my cum but when I get horny like this I would suck cocks for their thick delicious cum!


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