Sworn To Each Other, She Was Married As Arranged By Her Parents

My family is very Catholic, and my sister and I went K-12 to Sacred Heart all girls academy. My sister was four years older, so we had little to do with each other. In my class was a girl by the name of Gracie, she was the most beautiful girl anyone, ever, had ever seen. We were friends from K onwards. As we got up to Junior High we had become 'very' good friends, enjoying the fruits we had been blessed with.

In the tenth grade we were eligible to go to a retreat, owned by the school, in the country. Stories abounded about all the crazy things girls did on these retreats and we wanted to go badly. My father wasn't so much opposed as not wanting to drive me there, about three hours, much of it on dirt roads. But I begged and my father talked to Gracie's father and he told her father that my cousin, same age as my sister, would be driving us out there in our 4X4 Wagoneer, well protected.

We left early enough, the drive on the highway was uneventful. Once we got on the dirt road it got dusty and awful. We had to keep the windows cracked because in those days air conditioning wasn't part of the Wagoneer, which was used primarily for outdoor hunting and fishing. I sat beside my cousin up front and Gracie sat in the back seat. We stopped a couple of hours after we left for a nature call. My cousin, stood on the side of the road and unzipped and peed right there in front of us. He zipped up and said 'come on' and took me by the hand and told me to squat and pee where he could see me. My bare butt for the whole world to see, holding onto his pant leg, I peed in the dirt. Gracie was next, pull her pants down, expose her naked butt to the world, squat and pee with her legs open, holding my cousin's hand for balance. Embarrassing doesn't come close to describing what we felt right then. Up to then, no boy ever had seen our precious pussies.

When we got to the retreat, he inspected our rooms, and the dining hall and walked the grounds to ensure we were safe. Nuns were the only adults there, and another 30 girls. He left, but not before exacting payment, a kiss from each of us, on the lips. "I kiss you, you kiss back, OK?" Now we had kissed a boy, more than a boy, my cousin was already 20.

When the three days were up he came to get us. What happens at a retreat stays at the retreat, just let it be said that Gracie and I were even closer than when we got there. He demanded a kiss, a full grown woman kiss, with his hand around our waist pulling us to him. We kissed him because what else were we to do. Now we had been made to make out with him, and his hand had slipped down Gracie's back and across her bottom. Gracie sat up front on the way home, where every time he changed gears he grabbed her thigh and rubbed her.

He had learned that there was a country store if he took a detour, and we went to the country store for relief, we didn't have to pee on the side of the road. The country store had goodies and he bought what we wanted and Gracie had to stand by him holding his hand so she wouldn't get lost. I was by then very jealous, very, very jealous. I asked him why he was treating Gracie that way. Because he liked her and even if she was still a girl, she would make him a good girlfriend. I pushed on him and told him, in as quiet a voice as I could, that Gracie wasn't free to be his girlfriend. He told me in as quiet a voice as he could, that Gracie's mother didn't want her being like that with me, and she had asked him to see that she became his girlfriend. I kissed Gracie on the mouth to show him.

In the car, the Wagoneer with the windows cracked and the dust covering us from head to toe, he made us confess to him. We told him that during the retreat we had given ourselves to each other. He listened, stopped the car, and turned to both of us. Gracie was going to marry him, and she was going to have his children. That was already arranged with her parents. She was getting married as soon as she finished high school. Gracie kept quiet with her head in her hands. It was a very quiet return after that, no one spoke, not one word.

Gracie married my cousin, I was her maid of honor. As it was 'written'. I never married, I spent my life with Gracie and my cousin, the favorite aunt of their children. Fifty years and Gracie and I are of one mind, one soul, maybe too old to play under the covers. But we weren't always too old. What we said to each other on that retreat married us one to the other.



by Anonymous on Nov 19, 2023 at 10:20 PM

Most readers would have preferred what you and Gracie did!!!!!!

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by Anonymous on Nov 20, 2023 at 5:03 AM

Next time, keep it short. I dozed off about hallway through.

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by Anonymous on Nov 22, 2023 at 9:00 AM

This is sad. You had a schoolgirl experimental fling and let it suck away your whole life.

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