Afternoon Fun

Left work the other day and thought I would stop by the local adult bookstore. It was early afternoon and not very busy. I got pass for the arcade and went through the door into the booth area. There where a few guys walking around but not much going on. I found an empty booth and sat down to watch a movie. I just got settled in when an older man came in . He stood there and watched me jerk off before coming over . He dropped to his knees and took me in his mouth. He slowly licked up and down. Nice and slow like he was really enjoying what he was doing. As he was very good, it didn't take long before I filled his mouth with warm jets of cum. When I was done he stood and thanked me for the load. I thought that was it and headed for the front door.
I walked around the corner of the building and saw an older black gentlemen standing in the parking lot smoking. He said hi and I returned a hi. For some reason I thought I would be straight forward and ask him what he was looking for. He told me he really enjoyed getting his dick sucked but didn't have any luck today. I smiled and told him I would be glad to help him out. He said he lived close by and if I was comfortable with it we could just go to his house. He said he lived with his sons but it was alright.
I followed him a few blocks to his house. We went in the the back door and found his 2 sons both in their 40's watching TV. He said hi to them and said we where going to play for a while. We walked back down the hall to his room. He asked if he could leave the door open as his sons liked to watch him use a new guy. I didn't care I love showing off. He kissed me on the mouth. Pushing his tongue in to my mouth Hu. I reached down and felt his package through his pants. Oh my. It was not small. I dropped to my knees and undid his pants. As I pulled them down a large thick hard cock sprang out. I slowly kissed the head. Licked the shaft all the way to his heavy hanging balls. As he backed up and sat on the bed I noticed both sons in the hall watching. He layer back and I started sucking him. He was very thick and hard to get much in my mouth. As I sucked he pulled both legs up . I took his que and licked down between his ass cheeks. I found his asshole hole and poked my tongue in and out while jerking his cock. I moved back and forth between his cock and ass. He started to moan and squirm around and I knew he was close. I asked him where he wanted to come. He said in my mouth. So I took him as deep as I could and swallowed every drop.
When I was done I turned to see both sons standing in the door way with their cocks out. Yes I helped them also.
Since that day I have been back 2 more times. I think I may have found some new friends.



by Anonymous on Nov 23, 2023 at 4:28 AM

Can relate to your hot ABS experiences. Discovered them 20 years ago. Was 30 newly divorced and horny. I went into the local ABS got a booth and began watching porn to jerk off. Noticed men going in and out of booths together.

A couple weeks of going there and got curious. Left my booth door unlocked and was soon joined by an older silver haired gent around 60. He was soon feeling my cock with his hand and then kneeling to suck me. He gave me a fantastic blowjob and made sure his mouth took every drop. A week later he joined me again. He gave me another hot blowjob and this time I excitedly returned the favor and sucked my first cock. I began hooking up with him regularly there for mutual oral and I sucked other men too. Went there for years until the pandemic when it closed for good. Fond memories. Got hooked on sex with men and now meet guys on online sites for discreet hookups.

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