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Dressing Room Romp PT2

I followed him in to the shower area and as I walked around the corner I was shocked to see him stood there stroking his hard cock, it must have been about 7 inches with a huge head he didn't stop rubbing his cock when he saw me I was a bit shy but asked him if he wanted some help with that he smiled and said yes.
I didn't waist any more time I walked over to him and nelt down in front of him I poked my tungue out and licked the head of his cock the taste of his pre cum was nector on my tungue he shivered as I flicked the head of his cock.
He put his hands on my head and told me to open my mouth I did
what I was told he pushed my head and shoved his cock in my mouth and started to fucck my mouth he was very forcfull as he pushed with his hands my head so he could get all his cock in my mouth then pull it back.
I don't think he cared that I couldn't breath he just kept pounding my mouth the spit was over his cock and my face I tried to tell him I can't breath but he just kept going he now had grabbed my hair and pumped harder he was going to cum I shook my head to say no but he didn't care, I was chocking as he shoved his cock in and out of my mouth faster and faster until he shot his load in my mouth I didn't swollow it as he pulled out and pushed me to the floor the cum dribbled out of my mouth and down my chin he quickly left the shower area leaving me on the floor with cum dripping from my mouth I started to tear up and looked to the entrance to see if he would come back but he didn't so I picked myself up and wiped my mouth I walked back into the dressing room he had gone and my heart sank.

Please comment and tell me if you would like to hear more of my sexual exploits. Thank you for reading.

I Want Pussy I Think

So I’m really gay but I wanna fuck a pussy because I know it would feel so good and I’ve talked about how I wanna fuck my friends dad so maybe we could have a threesome with a woman idk I just wanna feel like cock throbbing in someone’s pussy

Me And My Dad

So one day I walked in on my dad and my mom having sex and my mom didn’t notice and I thought my dad didn’t until he came down to my room and said “I know u saw me and ur mother” I nodded and noticed he had a boner wich quickly gave me a hard on anyways he then says “u want some of this don’t u?” I said yes and he pulls down his pants and tells me to get on my knees then I proceed to suck his fat cock he face fucks me so hard and makes me swallow his cum then he take my ass and rails me so hard I’ve never had something hurt yet feel so good now me and my dad just jerk off together for fun


Got her last night, a hairy pussy SSBBW, I mean this girl is only 17 or 18 and is really fat. She has a super big hanging belly, big hangars for tits. She sucked me a few times over the last week or so, and I fucked her a couple days ago. Last night I had her come over, I fucked her ass, and after, just playing around I was rubbing oil all over her. I noticed her belly button was about 2 plus inches deep. She was pressing the sides of her big belly together while I was rubbing oil on her hairy pussy. I put more oil on and pushed my hands into her flap and belly button. It was like another hole to fuck. I had her stay like that and for about 20 minutes fucked that belly and belly button. I shot with the head of my cock in her button.

I've now got a fourth hole to fuck on her and she doesn't mind at all, she likes it. I can fuck and cum anywhere I want with her. There seems to be nothing off limits. Are all SSBBWs like this? I can get used to this.

Won't Let Me Go

When I was 16 I took $50 to blow this older guy. He kept offering and I kept doing it. Then he wanted to be totally naked while I did it, and he started going around his house naked whenever I was over there. Then to get my money I had to be naked while I sucked his cock. I needed and wanted the money, he was giving me from $150 to $ 300 a week. I swallowed after a few times, sometimes he'd pull and shoot on my face or on my cock. Eventually he sucked my cock and got me to spread out and he fucked me. That was for $100.

I've been away at college, and when I've been back for virtual classes, he called me and wanted me back over at his place. I haven't had any other cocks, just his, and quite frankly I only did it for the money. I stopped with him 3 years ago. He sent some pictures of me getting fucked to my phone, then some video including me taking money from him after sucking his cock. Now I have to go over or he'll send them to my fiance, someone he's known for many years.

I went back last night and got fucked again. I know it's not going to end. I don't get money any more, just get his cum up my butt.

A Very Fun Night Of Swinging

My wife and I are middle age. She is 5' 5", green eyes, very curvy, red hair, and neatly trimmed down below. I'm 5' 10", blue eyes, shaved head, typical dad bod, but I have nice arm and shoulder muscles.

We got to know Trey and Hannah back in the summer time, via a swinger website. We had been hoping to find a weekend evening that worked for everyone, and we finally did.

We went to their house, and after enjoying some bourbon and dessert, we all relaxed on the couch. I was on one far end while Trey was on the other far end, but our wives swapped so that Hannah was cozy and tight next to me. Hannah was wearing a cute pink negligee and my wife had a one piece fishnet top that unsnapped at the crotch. Trey put on some random porn on the TV, and I suggested some blow jobs to get the party started. Hannah very quickly took the hint and knelt down to give her husband, Trey, a nice slow blow job. After watching a bit, my wife also got on her knees to do the same to me. After a few minutes, the ladies switched. Watching my wife give head to Trey who sat beside me at the other end of the couch was almost as hot as the awesome blow job Hannah was giving me. After several minutes, my wife stood up and then she sat on Trey's lap, which gave him easy access to her large 38D boobs. I could tell that Trey was definitely enjoying her ample bosoms. I took turns watching the action at the other end of the couch vs. looking at the beautiful blonde who was giving me a sloppy treat. Before too long, I was gently pulling at Hannah's arms and shoulders to rise up and match the action. With Hannah now facing me in my lap, I pulled her pink lingerie top off and made a feast of her 34C breasts. Her pink nipples were so soft and inviting. She squeezed her boobs together so that I could quickly get my mouth over from one nipple to the next, in quick succession.

I was hard as a rock, and I reached down to feel the pink lips of her crotch. She was really wet. I then positioned my hard cock at her opening, and let it slide around, hitting her clit as best I could. I was anxious to be inside of her, but I wanted her to pick that moment. She quickly did, and she was now riding me aggressively.

Trey and my wife took that as their green light, and soon my wife was riding and moaning on top of Trey's hard dick too.

I'm not sure why, but there's something about sex while swinging that gives most men more stamina and control. I wasn't worried about ejaculating too soon. But I did want to get my tongue inside of Hannah's love box, so I motioned and suggested we move to the master bedroom for a little more comfort. With Hannah now splayed by the edge of the bed, it was my turn to get on my knees and use my tongue and lips to drive her wild. Within 5 minutes, she was having a vocal orgasm -- music to my ears. And just a few minutes later, we heard my wife screaming quite loudly in orgasmic release from the other room.

Trey and my wife then joined us on the bed in the bedroom. The wife and I watched as Trey then fucked Hannah in a variety of positions, which often caused the bed to really bounce and move. Hannah had at least two more orgasms. We then rested peacefully, naked, on the bed, chatting and gently touching each other. I got up so that Hannah and my wife were side by side in the middle of the bed. After about 15 minutes or so of rest, Trey broke out their Hitachi and used it on Hannah. We came prepared and I retrieved my wife's magic wand from our travel bag. There we were, each husband working an erotic power tool on our wive's naughty bits. Hannah came first, followed by Rebecca. It was really hot, and it was fun to see them both reach out and touch one another during this playtime. I then decided to lay on top of my wife, to kiss and embrace her afterglow. I soon felt Hannah’s hand gently touching my balls and shaft. It was unexpected but oh so pleasant. I quickly got hard and then entered my wife and fucked her to my first climax.

We enjoyed some more cuddle time on the bed before getting dressed to head home. During the drive, we chatted about the night’s experience and crawled into bed around 1AM. The next morning, my wife worked her magic fingers on my cock, which quickly got me hard, and then she climbed on top to ride me to mutual orgasms for us both.

Bare Chested

I have always loved massaging, licking and kissing hard smooth pecs and nipples when having sex with men.
I have a hairy chest and have often though I would love to be smooth and feel fingers and lips on my own pecs and nipples without body hair in the way.
My wife would be very suspicious if I suddenly became sooth so since I have been a closeted bi sexual, since I was 28, I have never ventured there with that idea.
I recently had an medical check up which included the need to have part of my chest hair removed, The nurse did a pretty rough job so afterwards I told my wife I was going to have to shave my torso so it would grow back evenly. She was fine with that.
I did just that and actually while I was doing it, feeling my smooth pecs as I did it, I got an erection. After I had finished shaving I lay on the bathroom floor and masturbated, spraying thick cum onto my pecs when I ejaculated. I massaged my cum covered pecs and nipples and felt very turned on...
I knew that as the hair came back it would be itchy and rough and likely my wife wouldn't want to let me continue shaving.
I decided I needed just once at least to experience a man carrying out my fantasy of having a smooth body to be kissed , licked and fondled while being fucked.
The next morning I gave my chest another run over and booked a male escort for an erotic massage.
I lived my dream...he massaged me and paid special attention to my pecs and nipples. It drove me mad. My nude oily body writhed under him as as he mounted and entered me. As he fucked me he continued to massage my pecs. I ejaculated as he did, covering my smooth oily torso with cum. It was so fucking hot.

Dressing Room Romp

This happened when I was very young I must have been 16yo., I played rugby for my school this one time I playing local not fare from my school.
We had just finished the game and we were very dirty and sweety but the showers at this place was dirty and smelt bad so me and one other guy thought we would go to our school showers which was not fare away we could walk it in 10 mins and they were better showers anyway much cleaner.
We talked on the way about rugby and shit like that until we reached our school, the place was very quiet because it was the end of school but you could still go in because the teachers was still in, we got to the shower block and took our dirty cloths off and got in to the showers. I never took much notice before and I don't know why I did today mybe because we were the only ones in the shower where normally there are many of us, I noticed that he had a lovely looking bum tight and muscler and I couldn't stop staring at it as it glistened with the water washing over it I could feel my cock getting warm with the blood stating to flow in to it, at that moment he to face me "you like what you see" he laughed then turned around and shook it at me as he left the shower.
A few minutes past and I followed him I entered the dressing area and he was still naked with one foot on the bench and his back to me he was slightly bent over with his ass sticking out I couldn't resist it my cock was now fully erect so I walked over to where he was and slowly touched he ass with my cock he did move a inch so I moved in closer putting my cock between his cheeks again he never moved I proseded to rub my cock up and down I felt him loosen up he never looked around so I rubbed harder then placing my hands on his hips I I started pumping harder he pushed back to support himself and I shot my cum all over his ass and back I let go of him and he turned around, "I will need another shower now" I looked to the ground sheepishly as he left the dressing room. (to be continued)


So me and my wife Lora who's 26, blond, curvy but not fat, about 38D, 28, 42 and is also bi and loves nasty sex as much as me.
We were at a hotel last year for a few days. This was before any virus stuff started and we both noticed a very good looking young guy a couple of rooms down from us. He looked about her age and was Mexican and had black hair and very bronze color. We both noticed him and admired his looks.
We'd say hi when we met in the hall or down in the lobby. The day before we were going to be leaving, I was out in the parking lot putting some stuff in the car when he parked and was going in. He said hi and we stood around and had a cigarette and I asked him what he thought of my wife's looks. I told him she fancied him and that sometimes we would swing with other guys and girls. The guy whos name was Timo said he admired my wife's looks and he put his hand on my shoulder and gave it a squeeze and asked if I was invitting him over. I said yes and I would knock on his door as soon as Lora was ready. We grinned like a couple of wolves and went upstairs.
I went into our room and told my wife about meeting Timo and telling him we'd like to play.
She was like a little girl she was so excited. So she was wearing a tight stretchy tube top that barely held her big jugs and a black mini skirt. I got down on my knees and took off her panties and told her she wouldn't be needing them. We talked a few minutes about what we'd like to do and then she took off her top and layed down on the king bed with just her skirt on.
I got Timo and told him that what we had in mind was he could suck her tits and finger her hairy pussy and I would suck him while he played with her. He agreed that sounded hot and came back to the room with me. He was wearing a wife beater and long satin basketball shorts and it was obvious he had no underware on either.
When we got to our room Timo gave Lora a big hello and she told him to come over and get friendly. He got on the bed as I layed with my face between her legs and he started to suck her tits as I slipped off his shorts releasing his average sized uncut dick, black hairy bush and dark hairy balls. Lora loves her tits sucked and I could smell her juicy pussy and Timo's musky balls.
He sort of swung over her and while sucking her tits his big brown hairy balls were right in my face and I started licking and sucking on them with his dick kind of leaking on my face and on her thighs. My nose was in his crack and it was making me hard as steel when I licked up his crack and tasted sweat and funk and Timo was moaning how good it felt.
I wanted to taste his salty dickjuice and moved back down so he could suck Lora and finger her and fuck my mouth at the same time. His juice was salty and delicious and he was really fucking my mouth good so I was glad he wasn't too big.
He was moaning and saying stuff in English and in Spanish. We don't speak Spanish but I know some dirty words and he was calling Lora a whore and telling me to take his load like a maricon which is fag. Lora was making lots of happy sounds and may or may not have cum from the tit sucking and pussy fingering but Timo was definitely coming in my mouth and he totally surprised me by then kissing me passionately and sucking my tongue that had been in his ass and flooded with his cum. Meanwhile Lora took my average cut cock in her mouth and it only took seconds to blow a load in her throat. We got up and had a cold beer and Timo said he'd like to fuck some ass and he gave me a look. Next thing I was up doggy style on the bed and Lora was sucking him hard. She put a condom on him. He mounted me and the feel of his meat up my ass was superb meanwhile my wife was on the bed and fingering her pussy and telling him to fuck that ass good. When he came which was pretty quick he flopped over on his back to rest and my filthy wife went down and took the dirty condom off him with her mouth and poured his cum in her mouth. I was ready to cum and stroked myself just a few moments and blew a load on the bedcovers. Me and Timo put on our shorts and took another beer each and went down to the lot to smoke. Lora took a nap and when I was back in the room she wanted a fuck but I used my tongue on her since I wasn't going to get it up again soon enough to please her. We agreed it was a great and dirty afternoon.

That Is Funny!

I just read “Now isn’t that funny” and that so delightful, so I thought that I would add my own story which is a bit along those lines.
It all started with my daughter, who was seven teen at the time. Apparently she was home one afternoon and decided to take shower. She had just come out of the shower when she heard the phone (we have a landline). Knowing that no one else was at home, she just walked out naked to answer. It turned out to be one of her girlfriends. So she got talking and, thanks to a long cord, went intot he kitchen to get herself a cup of coffee, and came back and sat down and continued to talk away.
Well, her bother comes in and sees her sitting there naked talking on the phone. She just smirks at him and he grins at her, thinking how typical of his sister. She finished her call and goes and gets another cup of coffee. I come in, and there’s my daughter, completely naked in the kitchen. I’m a bit surprised, mostly just not expecting her to be. And then my son – her brother – walks in. Well, there we all are, and my daughter is naked.
My son explains, and my daughters just says how now that everybody has seen her nude – the word she used – it wasn’t a big deal. Her brother agrees, so I just figure, that’s fine with me, if everyone is comfortable with it.
It was a few days later, one morning, getting out of the shower, I decided just for fun to venture out into the kitchen nude for a cup of coffee. My daughter glimpsed me and a minute later there she is just as nude and joining me. Then her brother happens in, sees both of us, grins and shrugs, and that’s it.
It was probably a day after that when my son decided to be just as uninhibited. So there he was, in the kitchen that morning getting himself some coffee – nude. My daughter comes in and she’s nude and gets herself a cup of coffee. Then I stroll in just as nude and get some coffee.
Well, that was how we all became an at home nudist sort of family.
No, no sex or anything like that. Just nude. And having your clothes off sometimes simply means just that, being yourself and feeling comfortable about is all.