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So Much Cum

Just curious as to how much sperm I have ejaculated in my lifetime, I did some calculation. If there are 255.9986 tablespoons in a gallon and an ejaculation is 2 tablespoons, it would take 128 ejaculations to fill a gallon milk jug. I'm now 63 and have been masturbating daily since I was 13, as well as having sex with more than 25 women. In my younger days, I used to masturbate as much as 4 times a day, even after having sex. Rounding off to 1 time a day, 5 days a week for 50 years, I have calculated that I could have filled 19.9 gallon milk jugs. If I had been able to freeze all that sperm, I could inseminate thousands and thousands of women.

Getting Started

When I was a kid, my first time being homosexually indulgent happened when I was quite young. It was with an older boy that I knew who lived clos by. It was summer and one morning I happened to see him. He invited me in and then I remember him grinning and he asked me if I wanted to mess around.
I never had done anything like that with another boy. But it sounded like fun and I was sort of flattered that he wanted to do something like that with me. So we got naked and started messing around and playing with each other’s dick. He sucked on mine a little bit and I even tried sucking ..(continue confession)

Wanting To Try To Be Fisted

I’m marred, str8 to all that know me, I’m bi, 58 yo, more on the sub side, and I have taken cock in both holes, enjoy both, a few years I meet a man on CL, I wanted to explore being a bottom, but he was a little older and had ED problems, really nice guy, he didn’t tell me about his problem and it kinda turned me off,
He was into fisting and wanted to train my hole to take the fist, I meet him a few times, last time he put me in the ceiling harness!!! That was awesome!
He had huge hands and it didn’t happen fast enough for me, today I ..(continue confession)

Learning To Be A Cock Sucker

I’m, married for many years, I’ve had gay sex with men from time to time over the years, but always rushed, Ive really never had the chance to learn if I can be a good cock sucker ,here recently I decided I wanted to see if I could be and get a man off with just my mouth, no hands needed, I met a guy on the net, he doesn’t live far from me, now I have meet up with him 6 times and I have swallowed his seed all six times, much to my surprise he says I’m the best cock sucker he has ever had, he said he wished I could teach his GF, I ..(continue confession)

My Secret Dirty Kinky Thoughts K9 Desires

I’m a mature married bi masculine man, a man’s man, but I have fantasies of meeting a more dominant bi man that enjoys forcing me to fire fill his fantasies, he uses me for his pleasures, he mixes it up and he makes me please his secret group of top dom friends, I’m used by a small group two times a week, becoming a very dirty slut, and then one day one of his friends brings a big cock dog, and I take the knottttt, I’m hooked and used often

Village Life

The village I live in is a two pub, one general shop, post office affair. Not much going on, if you don't count that I'm fucking three women. Two married and one recently divorced.

I do lots of work in and around the area I live in. Window cleaning, painting and decorating, gardening and general maintenance of property.

Fixing the divorcees gutter about a year back, she invites me in, only it's not just to give me the money she owes. Before I got in my small van, she'd sucked me off and had me tongue out her pussy. Lay on her lounge rug half naked afterwards, she told me she had lots of work that ..(continue confession)

My Stepdad And Drunk Wife

My dad adopted at age 6 he is black and military.
He came to stay with us during something we was doing for work. At 64 Evan my dad looks 40 strong 6ft even. I know he is well hung caught him and my mom a few times.
One night while drunk i lisa 27 my girlfriend works as a receptionist secretary at a real estate office was turned on heavily and got flirty with me and Evan.
Evan and my mom are divorced now days but he's still my dad.
Black skirt light purple button up shirt black suit jacket long brown hair pulled back sitting on the couch i look at Evan you can fuck Melissa if you ..(continue confession)

Sissy Dog Sitter

I’m a sissy, mostly still in the closet. This confession is of a fantasy, probably my most taboo one.

My boss, Charles, asks me to housesit for a week while he takes his beautiful wife on vacation to Aruba. He knows me as Roger. He’s a tall, muscular, older man. There’s no question he’s the alpha at work. He’s treats me with respect, but there’s a glint in his eye that tells me he knows what I truly am.

I get to their house at 7am. His wife gives me instructions about the house plants, lawn watering schedule, and where to leave the mail. She points out all of the ..(continue confession)

Just Curious

Is anyone else married, but you just feel so...... alone?
It seems like he never pays attention to me, never wants to have sex, never wants to touch me even non sexually, never talks to me, he's in his phone 24-7 reading fanfics.... i don't know. I love him. And I cant leave, for financial and other reasons. But I just wish I had someone to talk to. Someone to make me feel.... wanted sometimes. I don't exactly mean sexually, but at 25, that would be nice. Does that make me a bad person?

Desperate Isolation

I never dreamed this would happen to me.

I have a friend that is an essential worker for a hospital. Working double shifts he couldn't take care of his dog the way it should be with walking, feeding, play time, etc. I volunteered to take care of him as long as this isolation lasts and the threat of this corona virus is active. I haven't had any human contact except for the person that delivers my groceries once a week.

I have always known how to get sexual satisfaction and read a lot and have my ritual masturbation if I don't have someone to hook up. After 6 weeks I went about pleasuring myself, I forgot about ..(continue confession)