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My Moms Boyfriend

My moms boyfriend is a very sexy very fit 49 year old guy. A very sexy hairy body and a very nice guy. He has a great bulge to stare at too!

About a month ago my mom had to go into work early. Her boyfriend happened to se staying the night. So come morning I was in the kitchen getting something to eat in just my underwear. I wear briefs, not much to imagine in those.

As I’m finishing breakfast I’m walking through the living room and out comes my moms boyfriend from the bedroom! He was naked! He looked kinda shocked to see me but he proceeded to head to the bathroom.

Not only was his chest and stomach hairy, he had a hairy dick too! Definitely a sexy amount of body hair and I could tell his pubic hair was all natural
It looked sexy on him! Plus he had nice big low hanging balls and a decent sized flaccid dick! It definitely was thick and he was partially circumcised it looked, he had some skin over the bottom of his head.

I was in my room but came back out to go do some laundry. He came back out of the bedroom with just a pair of white briefs on. God lord was that sexy! That bulge in his fruits, I was turned on! My moms lucky to find a sexy guy that wears tighty whities!

We talked for a bit wearing just our underwear in the kitchen. As the sexual tension rose I had a full hard on in my underwear! He got up to put his coffee cup in the sink and I saw he had a full hard on in his briefs too! But holy fuck was he hung! I couldn’t believe it. So I said you fuck my mom with that monster!? He laughed and said last night was the first time, she wasnt expecting such a big dick. He then told me the condom is still laying next to the bed to prove it. I asked why he wore a condom and he said it was your moms request.

So I blurted out I do t make guys like you wear one. A few minutes later I’m sucking his dick in the kitchen holding his briefs under his balls. Till we went into my bedroom where I bent over on the bed. His dick was so big, it felt like he was ripping my hole apart! He lasted a while too. Eventually he came deep inside my butt and I came all over myself. I ..(continue confession)

Neighbor Boy

When I was around 5 I would visit my cousins house a lot. They had a neighbor boy who made special friends with me. I liked how he paid attention to me even though he was much older, probably 13 or 14. He would always try to play with me, because for one thing my cousins didn’t like him that much. One day I guess we were playing a game where if he caught me he got to kiss me. He caught me and announced he was going to kiss me. So he took me to the back yard to sit on the bench and kiss me. My cousins followed us, telling me not to let him kiss me. But I wanted to, so I just sat still while he started to kiss me. First on my forehead, then my lips. Then he started kissing my neck and my cousins made him stop and dragged me away. They warned me not to let him do that again.

One day after that I was visiting my cousins again, and I was outside by myself. He came over and wanted to play a game. I knew I should go inside, but I asked what game? He pulled out a dollar bill and said he would give it to me if I sucked his penis, which he proceeded to show me. I was shocked, because I knew boys peed out of that. But I didn’t go inside because a dollar was a lot of money to me. I tried to snatch it from him, but he was too fast. He kept shaking his dick at me saying I had to suck it. He asked me please do it, his mama said it was ok. I was thinking that maybe I would just suck it a little bit, but one of my cousins came out and threatened to tell on us.
After that I wasn’t allowed to play with the neighbor boy any more, and he wasn’t allowed back over. I ran into him again when I was 18, but I don’t think the remembered me.

My First Apartment

Just got my fist apartment turned 18 got a studio. My mom picked me up the day my new bed was dropped off.
We went shopping. I cook pots pans kitchen stuff sheets blankets. Pictures paintings. Everything i needed.
We put my living room arranged the couches my love seat put down the rug we got. Put uo the floor vases filled them with cheap but real looking colored rocks. Put up the entertainment center. Put my ps4 and 56 inch tv up.
My mom waa the neighborhood hot mom and all my friends loved her and each one got flirty a time or two with her.
I kept checking my mom out i could not help it she sexy legs where ninety five present exposed.
She was wearing a sexy little tank top. My mom was is indeed hot. Sexy firm ass sexy body and a naturally beautiful face. Strawberry red hair she did not look older then 35 yet she is 42.
She has huge tits narrow little waistline her stomach has some stretch marks from me and my siblings 4 of us. Mom asked me for a screwdriver.
I handed her the screwdriver said here you go mom. Don't call me mom if your looking at me like that.
Like what i said asking nervously.
You have been checking me out for the past two hours she said. You been looking at me like fresh meat and a sex object.
Okay sorry judy. I said.
No call me kitty she said and don't be sorry she said. I like the way you fuck me with your eyes.
This enticed me so i did i was a perverted peeping tom and i called her kitty.
We kept playing a naughty game of cat and mouse. I would peep and she would flash or show. This kept up untill my dresser armoire bed frame headboard. End tables wall shelves where installed. I put up the paintings and art work my mom did not look old enough to be my mom. Judy or kitty only looked around 35 and i look about twenty two or so.
We went out to her Mercedes Benz and got my dishes out of the car. On the way in we passed a small group of four girls barley eighteen. They introduced us to the neighborhood. They came in for a moment and where very impressed by my apartment. They assumed me and kitty where dating. She said owe no im his cougar and he is my cub. Owe one of the girls said. Every young man needs a sugar mamma and young ladies like your self ..(continue confession)

Exotic Tastes

Short and sweet. I'm a mwm and have a good time with my wife and sometimes different ladies. Ever since I was in my mid-twenties I have been attracted to m-to-m sex. Never kiss or cuddle type stuff, just raw sex pleasure.
So back then I first got some blowjobs from men at porn theaters and eventually the time came when I was curious and tried being the doer.
I found that I really liked Asian and Latino guys because they are often not hairy. I found that it was real exciting to lick and kiss their nutsacks and dicks. I never played with anyone uncut and never let any of these strangers cum in my mouth. I always either sucked them with a condom or avoided their dicks and just worked on their nuts with my mouth and gave them a handy.
I was lapping this young Asian guy's nutsack and making him drip and I don't know what came over me but I kind of turned him to the side and started to spread his cheeks. He was super clean and might have just showered. So I went ahead and licked his crack and he was moaning and going crazy. Then I made my tongue hard and pointy and stuck it right in his hole.
The guy totally lost it and was moaning loud and begging me not to stop.
In just a minute he was shooting a huge load on the wall and the floor of the booth and said he never had someone tongue fuck him like that.
So that was a long time ago and I may have done stuff like that four or five times over many years time. I don't know if bi is really a good description because like I said, I have no interest in the men and not looking for romanceing, just like to suck and rim sometimes.
Been years since I had any m-to-m sex and if this stupid virus ever goes away I might be out on the prowl.

Losing My Job

When I lost my job last year due to the company I worked for going bust, my father in law Ian said I should work for him.

He owns a Landscaping company, so the following week I started working at his companies base yard.
At the end of the first week, he called by the yard as I was locking up, and asked me how it had gone.

I was about to answer when he dropped his shorts and flopped out his thick cock. Telling me it was about time I paid the piper, I knew all too well what he meant.
Ian knew through a mutual friend, that well before I met and subsequently married his daughter, I'd had a year long gay affair with a college teacher.

At the wedding reception he let me know he knew, but said it would remain his secret as long as I looked after his daughter.

Two years on from our wedding, my father in law was telling me his need to have his dick sucked was the price of my new well paid job.
Ian's a tall man, muscular from his job and has a very thick upward curving cock. He's also a man who's used to getting what he likes.

It had been six years since I'd been with a guy, yet getting on my knees and sucking in his meat, just seemed natural to me. I gave my father in law a lengthy blow job, getting him to the point of cumming, then releasing his cock. I did this a few times making him groan with anticipation and sexual need.

Then with him gripping my hair and fucking my mouth, I finally took his load in my mouth. I didn't get the chance to not swallow his spunk, so I felt his hot sticky goo slide down my throat.
Letting me go, Ian told me from then on I was going to 'earn' my wage.

At home with his daughter, I was so horny still from the oral sex, I fucked my wife in the kitchen as she was making our evening meal. I fucked her again later on in bed and made sure that cute ass of hers took my cum.

On the Monday morning back at the yard, Ian stopped by to pick up some materials and the assurance I'd be waiting for him at the end of the day.
He was a little late, but I'd been so looking forward to him and his fat cock, by the time he got to the yard, I ..(continue confession)

  • Extra Service - Bi-Urge

    So I'm from Switzerland and work as a nurse. I work as a "home treatment" nurse, so that means that I visit my patients at home to get them the treatment they need. I work with a high class treatment agency, so most of my patients have more than enough money. Sometimes you spend a few years treating the same patients, as you can imagine the work gets more personal that way. So I got this patient, I was 22 when I started working for him. He was 41 at that time, lets call him Andrew. Andrew is partially paralized and his wife does not want to take care of him herself so she hired me to help with that. Andrew has made a lot of money in the past, so I assume thats the reason why his wife stays with him. By the way, Andrew is not in any way mentally disabled, its strictly physical. So my work with Andrew contains of helping him shower and shaving him. So me and Andrew got a long pretty well. After a few months of visiting him nearly every day, I was once again shaving his beard (he always wants to shave before he showers, don't ask me why) and he started talking foolish about his wife. He said that she does not want to get physical with him anymore and stuff and we kept talking. So he says that he has a lot of pubic hair and maybe thats the reason why his wife isn't interested in him anymore. He said this in a joking way but I said that I can shave the pubic area for him. I said that this is a part of my job and if this helps him feel more comfortable in his own skin I would be glad to help. First he was kinda hesitant but after a short while he agreed. He asked if I can shave him with his gilette razor after showering, which I did. So while shaving I once grabbed his cock to better be able to shave the top of the shaft. He told be to do it that way, so I did. While I had his cock in my hand I could feel him hardening up very slightly and that moment was kinda complex for me. I work as a nurse for almost 8 years now and I'm used to naked people, genitalia, sexuality and stuff. Never before have I got "forbidden" arousal while doing my work. So in that moment something like a strike of lighting shot through me. As I felt that little response to my grab I felt a lot of pleasure inside of me, my breathing got quicker ..(continue confession)

    First Butt Plug

    So recently I’ve been wanting to get a butt plug and I came up with plan to let my boss leave so I can get one. I told him I was going to the dispensary and instead I went to an adult store and purchased a silver one with a cute pink diamond on the bottom. I returned to work and went straight into the bathroom and shoved it in me. I’m currently writing this as it’s the in me ☺️ God it felt so good feeling it stretch my tight hole.

    First Night With My Girl

    I met my girlfriend back in college 2 years ago through a neutral friend I met in college marching band. Yes. I’m a band geek. We met at a restaurant and hit it off instantly! We went to Walmart and started talking about our personal life and I told her I had a girlfriend and she said she had a boyfriend. We left and went to my dorm and started to watch a movie and one thing led to another and I had my pants off and she was sucking the soul out of my dick! I came in her mouth and she swallowed it all and smiled at me. I pushed her on her back and spread her legs and ate her out. Now, she told me she had a medical condition or something that wouldn’t let me cum. I made her cum twice! She tasted so good. I kissed up her body and got to her ear and whispered, “Your boyfriend just doesn’t know how to treat you.” I teased her with my cock by sticking it in and instantly pulling out. She then started begging for me to fuck her. I obliged and 10 minutes later she cane again this time all over my dick! Few minutes later I was about to cum and told her and she then said, “I’m on the pill. Fucking cum inside me!” I plunged my dick deep inside her and cum so much that it started dripping out of her as soon as I pulled out. The next day, we broke up with our significant others and got together.

    Mother Sex

    I read here about someone who confessed that he had shagged his mum and his pal had too so I've decided to tell you my story I got divorced when I was 38 and moved into a bed sit while I was there I became unwell and had to go to hospital when I was discharged my mum insisted I went to hers so that's where I ended up my dad had died 7 years earlier from cancer one night we were talking about my divorce and she said do you miss your ex I said no bit I missed the sex and my mum said to me I know the feeling I said to her your a good looking woman I didn't think you would have difficulty getting a msn she said hardly I said look I'm a man and I know how men think you've got great legs not skinny but solid curvy sexy a nice pair of tits your good looking so that's why I'm puzzled she blushed when I said that to her but I just said it's true she said that I thought that if I had went with someone else after your dad died you wouldn't have been happy I said how cos you have needs like the rest of us so I have no say on if your with someone or not just like me I have needs too but you won't stop me from attending to them if I got the chance too we had a drink after that and my mum pulled her skirt up a bit and said so you really think I've got great legs I said I don't think I know and under normal circumstances I would be trying to get in between them she just said would you really and walked by as she did so she said are you sure you got enough in your pants and grabbed my crotch she was pissed I was gobsmacked and she then said from what I've just discovered I would say yeah you would and she went through the kitchen I just stood there a bit confused next she appeared and she said to me that she would be in her room if I wanted her this got me all hot and bothered and I was upstairs like a rat up drainpipw she said to me fuck convention fuck morality I need bulled long and hard she sat there with her blouse undone and her skirt up showing her sexy thighs I went over put my hand inside her blouse and bra he's she pulled me down towards her we both stripped each other naked she had some body I was ..(continue confession)

    My First Time.

    I was 17 and it was during the summer. I went out fishing with a guy that lived a few doors down from my moms house. He was 50 at the time. He had a nice boat for fishing.

    One morning we hit the water early, like 6 am. I had always wore a pair of swim trunks when out fishing and a thin shirt to keep cool. By noon it was hot, like 96 degrees so I had taken my shirt off to get some sun. Definitely was a sweaty day. I was sitting in just my shorts and my underwear was poking out about my shorts. He asks if my shorts have the mesh liner in them and I said yes. He said then why do you wear underwear with them? I honestly had no answer to that, I wasn’t swimming so I wore underwear.

    He said why don’t you take your underwear off so that you can keep cool. So I nervously took off my shorts as he was getting some stuff out of the cooler. I heard him say well at least you wear briefs and don’t wear boxer briefs with shorts. Anything but briefs is pointless with shorts. I took my briefs off and put my shorts back on as quick as I could. He said give me your underwear I’ll put them in my bag for now. He then told me not to be embarrassed, he too wears white fruit of the loom briefs.

    About 30 minutes later he asked if I was cooler down there. I said yes very much. Now I had liked him since I first met him years ago and wanted to see him naked. He asked if I had a girlfriend and I said no. I took a change and told him that I’m a virgin and bisexual. Was nervous to say that! He looked at me and said he’s bi too.

    Before I knew it our poles were reeled in and he had his hand in my shorts. I was erect! He took his shorts off and his thick hairy dick was very hard! Couldn’t believe how thick he was! He had me lay on the bench seat as he licked and fingered my ass. His fingers were even a tight fit!

    He then said your definitely a virgin. He got up and went to his bag. He pulled out a small, thing of Vaseline saying he wish he had actually lube but this will work. Right then I knew I was going to get fucked. He put some on his finger and started to grease ..(continue confession)