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I've always wanted to be fucked by a cute shemale with a big cock. Dunno why, I just think it'd be hot to have a cock inside me while I'm kissing some titties

Jealous Sisters

Years ago I had a gf and once I went to her place but she wasn't home. Her younger sister who was almost 18 said to come in and hang out. She said her sis would be home in an hour or so and we could just listen to music and whatever.
She said she would make us a hot cocoa while I picked out some music.
Now the younger sister had a great body and a pretty face but lots of kids teased her and called her names because they thought her nose was funny. It wasn't big or hooked or anything, I don't know what the deal was. Young kids are cruel and this girl had her feelings hurt for awhile.
I thought she was cute and had a better personality than her sister, my girlfriend.
After a little while we were listening to music and dancing a little and then I pulled her down on my lap and she put her arm around my neck and we were maikng out and kissing passionately.
She was sucking my tongue like mad and I was thinking how I'd love to have her lips on my dick.
We stopped for a minute just as I was unhooking her bra and we caught our breath and I could see she was feeling guilty.
I stopped touching her under her shirt and tried to make her stop feeling guilty.
We got ourselves together and said it was OK, we would keep it between us and try to forget it.
Her sister came home and was in a bitchy mood so I didn't stay long.
The two sisters were always messing with each others stuff and were pretty jealous of each other.
My girlfriend used to tease her sis and say she couldn't get a boyfriend and the younger one would imply that she could have any of her sisters boys if she wanted.
So it was a toxic situation, but they were both hot and I'd be glad to fuck either of them anytime.
When I got home I went to my room and laid down and stroked myself off thinking about how sweet it would be to suck the little sister's sweet black haired pussy.
Broke off with the older sister and didn't see either of them for years.
Maybe 15 years or more later and one day my sister in law was talking about having coffee with her girlfriend and the girlfriend turned out to be Laura, the younger sister who I played with that one steamy afternoon when I was all of 19. I still haven't seen her or met her since back then but did see a pic on my sister in laws phone.
She grew up to be a hot mid-40s trophy wife. She has the dyed black hair, fancy makeup and clothes so she looks like a mob guys mistress.
I would still fuck her.

You Can't Turn Back The Clock

There is no tenderness in anal sex. You might as well be an animal.

  • I Want To Have Gay Sex

    I'm in a happy relationship with my girlfriend. We have sex from time to time. We enjoy each other. I experimented a little when I was young but never really got to have the full experience. I want a man to do things to me. I want a man to grab my head and force his dick down my throat. I don't know how to contact gay men or schedule a time or anything like that. Before I get married, I want to have a secret meeting with someone just to check it off my list. Then I can be happy. I want a nice cock. Someone with a good body. Someone with a big dick. I want to learn how to properly suck a dick. I want to taste cum. I want to pleasure him til he blows his load. I just want that at least once in my life.

    Want To Fuck Almost Everyone In My Family

    I don't know. Im fucked up I think but I sometimes get horny thinking about my own family. The other day, my girlfriends sisters were staying over and one was in the shower. While everyone was in the living room, I said I had to go grab something real quick but I went into the room they were staying in and I grabbed a pair of her used panties. I saw the wet spot where her pussy was. I began to smell it and got immediately hard. I jerked off with them. Then at night, I was having a dream that I was fucking both of her sisters. One of them I was just straight pile driving with my dick. The other was munching carpet. Then sometimes, I think about my girlfriends mom. Like what if one day...she came onto me, would I? Probably yes. I would smash the heck out of her mom doggystyle. One of my sisters is pretty fine and I'd eat her pussy honestly. My niece who is 21...I'd smash and eat her pussy. But out of all them, I want to fuck my girlfriends younger sister. I just wish I could. Judge me if you want. Im going to get my hands on a pair of all their panties and start a collection. Moms panties, sisters panties. Cum in all of them.

    2 Confessions

    1. I want my wife to be fucked by my best friend.

    2. I want to fuck her sister, who's married.

    Got Ambushed And Now I'm Pregnant

    In a tough spot. I am currently pregnant. I meet this girl, we spark, we date, we go to her place to get acquainted. In the middle of lovemaking her brother shows up and butts in. I'm not expecting this and I end up under him. Resulting in this pregnancy.

    Witnessed Thai Lady Boy Having Sex With Young Thai Boy

    Stayed in room Pattaya above a closed bar. Lady boy bar across the street,
    so some lady boys stayed on my floor. Woman with kids working in bar lived
    there too.

    To save money on AC I kept doors and windows open. So did most of the others.
    breeze felt good, mid day would escape the sun in my room. Across the hall one of the woman's kids was called in Thai lady boys room.

    He had the young boy give him a blowjob. His dick was tiny (don't think all Thai men have small cocks) the boy knew how to suck. He pulled the boys shorts down, put him on the bed. Sucked the boys dick till the boy pushed him away.

    Thats when he laid the boy on the bed, Lady boy oiled his ass and lady boy cock,
    then fucked that boy in his ass. The boy was uncomfortable and the lady boy came fairly quickly. He washed the boys ass then got him dressed. Reached in fridge gave the boy milk and some chips.

    I told the lady boy that was wrong, he told me thats what they did to him, he is doing the same for that boy. One day that boy will work at the bar.

    Need Some Tips

    As a married bi guy, I am looking for some tips from gay men on what outward signs I can embrace to indicate my availability to men while staying discreet.
    Clothes, mannerisms, accessories etc. Any thoughts please guys?

    Revealing Our Sexual Promiscuity To Old Friends

    My wife and I both come from the same small community where almost everyone knows one another, or at the least know someone in common, many related, so secrets are hard to keep. Many social and religious traditions dictate the"lifestyle" one should maintain. Being sexually permissive and promiscuous in a marriage is not one of them and whispers abound when the gossip fence catches wind. My wife, Lynn, and I no longer live on Guam but maintain very close ties with family and friends. Having been away and having more elbow room to do as we please, we have had sexual adventures sprinkled into our otherwise traditional marriage. As a result of indiscretions and infidelities early on in our relationship, which evolved in reconciliation into sexual permissiveness, we had stints of doing threesomes, me having trysts with other women with wife's approval, and her having sexual experiences with other men with my excitement and approval. In some of those adventures I have taken photos and videos. Of us fucking and sucking. Of her doing other men. We've done many photo session of just us, with her posing and exposing. Videos in the bedroom of her talking about how she loves being a slutwife and showing her naughtiness.

    I've recently become aroused at the idea of having old male friends, former high school classmates know how sexually promiscuous we are and have them fuck Lynn. It started as wild role playing pillow talk during sex, fantasy, but has become a fixation. We shared our photos and videos with one old classmate whom I've known since elementary school and her since middle school, was one of our ushers in our wedding party, so knows us. In return he shared videos of himself masturbating to Lynn's photos and talking dirty to her. The general intent is to have a threesome when next we meet. This revelation and sharing with a real life friend, and not some anonymous boner handling stranger, aroused me to no end! I loved it. Guy friends knowing my wife is a bedroom slut, seeing and knowing what she looks and sound like when she's getting fucked, knowing what her sexuality looks like in photos where she spreads wide to show off her c**t. And possibly, experiencing Lynn and fucking her. My wife becoming the slut among my circle of friends.

    Just yesterday I revealed our secret to another close male friend of ours. He is excitedly astonished at seeing Lynn sexually after all these years of knowing us, having never before visualized my wife as one to do MFM threesomes, fuck other men in general, and of all things me approves and encourage it. But he loves knowing and now wants to fuck Lynn. All of this excites me that yet another old friend who knows us both now know I let Lynn be a slutwife.

    The risk of other family and friends finding out as word among our friends grows that Lynn is fucking our friends just turns me on, the arousal from that possibility is breathtaking. We don't want to be discovered by or revealed to the world of course, but the risk of being found out is so exciting. Lynn loves cock and wants to fuck some of our male friends, and is just as excited yet afraid of word getting out.

    I hosted all of our photo and video content on a blog, a private one I host myself (not those freebie services). It is meant to reveal Lynn and me to others who are willing to join the blog and see what our sexual appetites equate to. Just trying to find the key to inviting old friends to come join.