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Seeing Many Guys In Underwear

I’m a nurse and I knew I’d be seeing lots in their underwear or naked. But it’s surprising and alarming how many guys still wear tighty whities! I never had seen them on a guy till I became a nurse.

  • Scathub

    My husband likes me to let him know when I go to the toilet. He likes to watch me pee with my legs open so he can see it come out, and when I have to poo I turn around and face the back of the toilet and he watches me. Then he wipes me clean, and we have sex. It's been a year since he told me of this, and I do it for him but I'm still embarrassed by doing it. I really feel terrible but it excites him and I get sex at least twice a day. He makes me cum multiple times whenever we do it and I've never had any guy that good.

    My Wifes Kinks Grow

    I have a 38 year old wife, 10 years older than I, but she looks like a 20 year old and has the body a high school girl would kill for. She has always been kinky, searching me out when I was 19 and she was newly divorced. She wanted to be dominant in sex and her husband wouldn't take it so eventually it just got so uncompatible, they split up. So at19, i'm up for anything and willing to do anything to get into this hot womans pants. She wanted someone who could go multiple times and wanted her. I was the one. We've done a lot, she's had me service friends of hers from 22 to 73 years of age, doing sex in public with her, going to nude resorts, licking her creampies, then she got me dressing when we'd have sex. I would dress in womens lingerie and she'd take on the dominant role.

    Since I loved anal so much, she started with watching me fuck some of her friends in the ass, while she was dominating us both, and would make the girl lick her, and I'd lick the girls pussy clear of any of my cum, then my by now, wife, would like them. She was and still is the kinkiest girl ever. Then she brought over another man, a young one, almost hairless except on his pubes, and I found out he was gay. She watched him suck me then demanded I fuck him. His ass was hot and I was licking and sucking on her body, so while he was on all fours I got behind him and she inserted my cock into him and I fucked him. She was pinching and twisting my nipples which gets me really going, and kissing me the whole time. Telling me during it to "fuck the shit out of him" "ram that asshole". The guy actually shot a load onto the bed while I fucked him and she started fucking me with her fingers and I shot off.

    She was fucking me now when dressed and I was dressed most of the time fucking her. At a swing fest with 2 other couples at a nude resort, she maneuvered me and another guy, and with plenty of lube, I was being fucked. It was my first time (not including with her dildoes), and soon the other guy and all three women were watching him fuck me. He stopped pumping his very large cock and turned me over so I was on my back and he finished fucking me. One of the women came over and jacked me off till I shot, then he shot his load deep inside me. Everyone applauded and I was quite frankly, really embarrassed. The next night we all met again, this time I was told to dress, and she made me up. I have long hair and she used the blow dryer on it, put earrings on me and we showed up. There was another couple and I got embarrassed again. The first guy and I had to start things off, under my wifes direction. I sucked him hard, then on my back with my lingerie on, he fucked me in front of everyone. The fourth guy came up and stuck his cock in my mouth while the women kept telling me to suck it. My wife came up and sucked the third guy, telling me we were in a race to see who could suck the cum out of the guys first. She won, and my guy pulled out and started fucking me after the first guy was finished shooting in me. After his cumming my wife and two other women licked my butthole, each one kissing me after.

    It was gradual, and my wife and I are still husband and wife, I fuck her, she fucks me, but when she sees me fuck another man, she gets so turned on its incredible. But, when she sees me get fucked, she is insatiable. We usually end up fucking right after the guy is through, sometimes the guy goes a second time with her or me, but when he leaves, we fuck the rest of the night.

    It was gradual, but she's bi, and so am I and we both love it.

  • Took Revenge On Boyfriend With Cousin

    I’m in a happy relationship with my girlfriend for almost 5 years. We have a great love life and sex life. There’s a part of us where always wanna be dirtier. We started off by talking dirty about other guys. She wasn’t really into it first but as times goes her interest was kept increasing. We usually talk about threesomes and about other guys usually. She’s a tall petite chick with a great fucking ass.

    Few years back I cheated on my girlfriend and we kept having arguments about it. Around this time she went for a long holiday to her cousin’s house. What I’m gonna tell is what she confessed to me starting of this year. She was mad at me for cheating on her. There’s one of her cousin who kept making moves on her. She somehow refused but on a night when she was walking back from washroom her cousin was drunk and pulled her to a side. He asked her “why you don’t want to give me this ?” while grabbing her pussy. Surprisingly she didn’t went away or took his hands from her pussy as she was dripping inside her panties. He carried her and made her to sit on a table. He was kissing her neck while rubbing her pussy through her shorts. She moaned softly in his ears which made him to take out his dick from his shorts. As his rubbings got harder my girlfriend’s hand automatically started to give a handjob for him. As soon as he cum out she ran back to sleep.

    She just wasn’t enough with what had happened the last night. The next day she went to his room to check on him and caught him watching porn. She was nervous but started a conversation with him. Her cousin just didn’t wanted to waste any time so he closed the door and started to kiss her. This is the first time she’s kissing someone when we’re in a relationship. As the kiss went harder she didn’t even realised that her dress straps are fell down. He managed to take her nipples in his mouth and satisfied her. My girlfriend this time she took out her cousin’s dick by herself and was stroking it. Also after a while she gave him the permission to get inside her shorts. They managed to masturbate for each other till my girl gets her orgasms. All of sudden he made her to kneel and slapped his dick on her. He wanted her to blow but she refused. Instead of blowing she managed to stroke him till cum out.

    This was happening for almost a week till she comes back and she confessed it to me because she don’t want to live in the guilty feeling. The reason she told me was she wanted to take revenge on me for cheating on her. This is the first time I’m confessing here. I’m really interested on you people’s opinion about this.

    Diaper Lover

    Hello my nasty confession
    Ever since I was 5 years old I was forced to wear a baby's wet diaper
    And now I really enjoy and still love going to a daycare or an apartment complex and finding soaking wet baby diapers and duct taping them on very few people as actually seen me in a diaper I've been with single men I'm wearing the babies with diapers..
    I would like to find someone that would like to actually make me look into a dumpster for a leaky wet baby diaper enforce me to put it down right there use me for their friend have me do oral and I love getting high how do I get to nerd Nadia I get always wearing a baby's wet diaper

  • I Tried It

    Ok so I thought I'd make my own confession here.

    About 20 years ago, give or take a few years, my girlfriend and I broke you for the last time. We had basically been together for over a year but we seemed to break up every other month. She was pretty crazy to say the least but she had the nicest ass I have ever seen and was up for anything sexually. I loved fucking her ass and she loved me fucking it.

    When w I had finally had enough I told her this would be our last breakup. Her last words to me was I should find myself a boyfriend and fuck him all the time since I liked anal so much.

    I had never thought about fucking guys. Yuck. Hairy asses are gross and men do nothing for me sexually at all. But it stuck in the back of my mind. I dated for a couple of years and had pretty good luck. Mostly younger girls, many of which were pretty hot, but not one would give up the ass. Pussy, sure, and I love eating pussy and did it many times. I'd even lick their assholes hoping that would open that door. But no, not one for two years or so.

    So one day I'm bored and was reading the personal ads on craigslist. I keep seeing att these ads for trans women and answered a few. Most were just pros looking to get paid. Some were just bots trying to get you to join their pay sites etc... After a bit I just gave up on the notion of butt fucking some trans girl. I didn't want a CD. I wanted someone who looked like a girl and had nice tits. If she had a dick, I didn't care, I just wanted some anal!
    In all I probably replied to 20 ads or more.
    One out of all of them wasn't a prostitute or a fake, or a bit looking for my credit card number.

    We exchanged a lot of emails over the next couple of days. She was looking for a relationship where she could be a real girlfriend to a straight man. I was honest and said I wasn't sure about a relationship but that I did enjoy our conversations and that she was pretty and seemed to be really cool. After a few more days and dozens of emails we exchanged numbers and talked on the phone for hours. I really liked talking to her. She was smart funny, a d soundedime a girl to me so we made arrangements to meet for dinner.
    It was a Friday night, we met at Buffalo Wild Wings (classy, I know) but back then it was my favorite place to eat and hers too. So we meet and let me tell you, if I didn't know she was trans I never could have known until we got naked. She was prettier than her pictures even. She had pretty eyes, beautiful blonde hair and was tall and thin. Not much of a butt or tits to be honest but not bad at all either. She hadn't had implants but had been on hormones for years and had real boobs of her own. Not very big at all, maybe small B cups. But nice nipples I found out later. We eat and have a couple of beers and I realized I really liked this girl. I said I'll be willing to date her and see how it goes if she's interested. But told her I had zero experience with men. She said, honey I'm no man. If you can't see that, there's no point in going any further. I apologized over and over just trying to explain that man parts don't turn me on. She laughed and said she was just teasing and loved making me turn red. We left the restaurant and I kissed her goodbye. We went out on two more dates before we ended up at my place after our third date. We had a couple of drinks as we were making out on my couch. I was hard as a rock just from all the kissing. She started rubbing it and said, someone likes me. I said of course we do. You're so pretty, why wouldn't we? We get up and go to the bedroom and I syrup naked. She takes off her clothes but leaves her bra and panties on. We kiss more and she starts kissing down lower and lower until she reaches my throbbing hard on. Yes all 12 inches!!! Just kidding. I had to put that in here since EVERYONE is hung like a horse these days.
    Anyhow it took probably two minutes of her sucking me before I came. I apologized again but it had been a while since I had cum and I was so turned on etc... She said so it wasn't just that it was the best ever?? Umm yes, yes it was great! Definitely the best I can remember at least right now.
    We laid there kissing and fondling and I took her bra off and sucked on her nice titties for a bit and I was raging hard again. She said do you want to fuck me now? Hell yes I do! She asked if I had condoms and lube, which I did. She said ok baby but you have to lick it if you want to stick it! We both laughed out asses off. Then I pulled off her panties. I expected her to get on her knees so I could lick her back there but I stead she laid on her back and pulled her legs up exposing her pretty little brown eye. It was really nice! Her penis was hard too, not real big but probably 5 inches and kinda thick. Her balls were ti y though and shrunk up inside her almost. So I started licking her little butthole and loved it. She loved it too and was rubbing the head of her dick that was leaking precum. She was moaning and moaning. I licked her for about 5 minutes and was ready to fuck her and said I need that ass now. She said it's all your baby if you give my clit a quickuck or two. So I did. I licked her dick up and down and even sucked on it. It wasn't bad. I actually liked it because she seemed to really like it.
    I only did it for a minute or two though. She then said ok you can fuck me now baby. I put on a condom, put some lube in her ass and on my covered cock and fucked her missionary. I was gentle at first but then started fucking her in earnest as she begged .e to fuck her harder and harder. She started shooting cum out of her dick and her ass started squeezing my cocj and releasing with every spurt. I erupted. The condom burst even and there was cum all over both of us.

    I dated her for 2 years. I even think I was in love with her. I sucked her dick every day and fucked her ass every day and loved doing both. She was the first and last trans girl I ever was with. I have never sucked another dick since. I've never been with another man. But I'd love to have her back. But I fucked that all up when she caught me fucking another girl. I just missed eating pussy too much I guess. But I still think about her often and miss her.

    I Need It...

    I want to be dominated. I want a small, sporty woman, fresh from her workout, to pin me down. To sit on my lap and take off her shit.

    I wish she'd take off her top, and tease me. She'd lift her arms up, exposing her sweaty armpits, and make me smell. Make me lick her clean.

    I want her to force me to touch myself, while I lick up every drop, while I'm smothered in her scent. I want her to tease me, tell me to jerk it faster like the little pervert I am.

    I want to cum on her cute panties while she laughs at me, my face buried in her smooth sweaty armpits. Her hips grinding away with my rhythm.

    I Have To Admit

    I must confess, I love reading these confessions. I try to figure which are true and which are just creative writing. I really don't care. Some we know are real because some people don't know how to form a sentence. I figure those have to be real.

    I'm still hoping to find some of these guys with the 10-12 inch long fat cocks. I'd love to try one or two in every one of my openings.


    Love em all though! Keep posting!

    My Lovely Best Friend

    At school, my best friend and I used to play boyfriend girlfriend games. It started with just seeing what kissing felt like and then French kissing. During our teen years, we graduated to feeling others boobs pretending it was a boy doing it. Eventually, we started touching each other's pussies pretending that the fingers belonged to a future boyfriend.

    Alcohol and sleepovers accelerated things. We ended up nude in bed, finger fucking each other to orgasm, and then the ultimate feeling of being eaten out. We never stopped pretending it was a boy doing these sexual things to each other, the word lesbian was never used, although it was a bisexual relationship.

    My best friend broke my hymen, and took my virginity with a hairbrush; I returned the favour. We then became very curious about what we could insert into each other’s vaginas. Bananas, cucumbers, carrots, wine bottles and once even a hair spray can was used! Sleepover sixty nines became standard, and I fantasised about eating my friends pussy whilst daydreaming in class.

    I once sat on my bed with my head out of my bedroom window, talking to my dad down in the garden. At the time, my friend was lying on the bed, and I was pantyless sitting on her face as she licked my pussy and clit.

    When we were both feeling randy but couldn’t do anything about it, we would simply go to the loo and swap our panties. It felt brilliant knowing that my pussy was rubbing against the cloth my friends pussy had been rubbing against just moments before. Sometimes, I would go back to the loo alone and sniff the panties while still having her scent on them.

    When we both started dating boys, both of us were disappointed by the physical aspects of the relationship, although this changed when we began having full-blown sex, which was terrific. Even when we had boyfriends, we would still have sex sessions during our sleepovers.

    We are now both in our twenties and met up for lunch today. During lunch, my friend put her hand on my knee under the table cloth. It travelled up my leg and eventually found its way into my panties. We chatted shit during lunch as she finger fucked me to orgasm; it was so difficult to have a silent orgasm to not raise any suspicions with the other diners. My husband asked me if I’d enjoyed lunch when I got home, and I told him exactly what had happened. He always fucks me real hard when I recount my girl on girl experiences with my lovely friend.

  • What A Day

    Seventeen years old. A big cock and a girlfriend who's the same age as me, who loves sex.
    I called round to my girlfriends to take her into town to buy a present for her mums birthday.

    She'd nipped to the bank, so I had fifteen minutes or so to wait for my girlfriend.
    Her mother Cath invites me in and asks me if I'll give her an early birthday present. When I ask what she'd like, Catherine turns around leans over her kitchen table and slides her loose dress up. She's not wearing anything underneath and her pussy already looks wet.

    She tells me she'd like my cock up any or both of her love holes, as she puts it.
    I'm seventeen with a libido that's on fire and a thirty eight year old woman wants my dick.

    You can bet your last penny that I got my cock out, slid it up her pussy and began fucking her.
    Cath told me she was cumming after only a few minutes and practically dragged me into her, reaching back to pull on my top.
    Telling me she wanted my cum, I fucked my girlfriends mum even harder, and just as I came filling her juicy hole, she orgasmed again.

    We'd just about got ourselves together when my girlfriend walked into the kitchen.
    She smiled at me, kissed her mum and asked her if she was ok. Her mothers reply was, "You would know".
    They both laughed and then my girlfriend said we were going.

    On the bus into town, my girlfriend tells me she's horny. She's sat in the window seat, so I put my hand in between her legs and up her skirt. Moving her knickers to one side, I slowly begin to play with her pussy hole and clit.
    But she's not satisfied enough as it's not exactly private.
    We get off the bus two stops early and head off to a seldom used car park.

    On the second level of the car park, my girlfriend has me eat her out, making her orgasm twice, then has me feed her my cock. Which by the way hadn't been cleaned since fucking her mum.
    She sucks on my dick so hard, it actually hurt a little, and I swear she was like a girl possessed. I'm about to cum and tell her. That's when she stops, stands up and marches off.

    I caught her on the ground floor and asked her what the fuck just happened. She quietly tells me "I want it deep in my pussy".

    Shopping done and me feeling like a used dildo, we head off to get something to eat.
    It's then in the burger place my girlfriend says "Who's a better fuck, me or my mum".
    Bingo, realisation of what's just happened. My mind goes into overdrive, but my dick does also.

    Almost picking her up, I take her to the toilets and in the female loo I fuck my girlfriend and make sure she cums before I shoot my second load of the day.

    Sat back at the table, I see one of the servers looking at us, but she just smiles and winks.
    I guess she's had fun in there too. We talk about her and her mum, setting me up to give Cath a personal present. I explain it was fun, but she, my girlfriend is the better fuck.

    She's happy, but I'd just lied.

    I didn't go into their home on the way back. Instead I kissed my happy girlfriend and told her I'd call by the next evening.
    At home, the home I share with my mother and her husband, my step dad, I say hello to Tim.

    He's sat watching football, but greets me with a smile and by the looks of it, a hard on.
    Mums at work as she's on her late shift. Tim pats the seat next to him and I know what that means.
    Eagerly I sit next to my step father, take out his cock and give him what he's been waiting for. Sucking on his cock, I think to myself "What a day".

    Then when he's ready Tim has me kneel up in front of him and it's my turn to be fucked and to receive his hot sticky cum up my backside.

    There is more to this confession, but I'm going to leave it here, for now.
    It still is the most unusual day sexually I've had, but then again...