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Bored Lately

Since the pandemic started, life seems pretty boring. Which leads to frustration. Not going out, not meeting friends for drinks, social functions in general just don't happen. I just wish this would get better. At least going out with a friend can be an adventure!
Lately, I've been really horny. I dream about getting a nice blow job, licking pussy and making love (or downright Fucking). Sure would be nice right now.

  • Amateur Escort

    My husband and I have been married for seven years and still have a very active sex life.
    He often travels with work and on occasion I accompany him. On this occasion he was due to go for dinner with a client but assured me he would be back at the hotel around nine and we could have a drink together.
    I got ready, dressing a little more risqué as we were away from home and I know he likes me to show a little more. He texted to say he was over running but he'd meet me in the bar.
    I ordered a drink and as on my own sat at the corner of the bar. I then got another text saying he would actually be an hour so annoyed I ordered another drink. I then went to the toilet where I thought I'll finish the drink then head back to the room. Once back at the bar I saw a third drink next to my half finished second. The barman said thats from the gentlemen over there.
    Turning around I saw a guy who was at least ten years younger than me, well dressed and obviously in shape. I smiled and he came over.
    I cant say I wasn't flattered as we flirted but was stunned when he asked how much would it be to take me upstairs. I don't know why but I just replied 200. He smiled and said OK, then took my hand and walked me to the lift. As we went up he took out his wallet, pulled out the money and handed it to me.
    In a daze I followed him to his room and once in he pulled me into his arms, started kissing me and running his hands over my bum. I could feel his cock in his trousers and slowly rubbed my hand over it.
    Would you suck my he asked and I nodded. Sliding down I unbuckled his belt and pulled out his rapidly hardening cock. Looking up I then began to lick his cock before taking him into my mouth and starting to suck him. He tasted so good that I lost myself until he pulled me up, walked me to the bed and pushing my dress up started to lick my pussy through my panties. He was so good I came within minutes. We both got naked and I climbed on top of him. Should I put on a condom he asked but I had already slid onto him. I shook my head and told him I wanted to feel him and we began to fuck. His cock felt amazing and I came again before he asked me to get on all fours where he entered me from behind and began to pound me, finally exploding inside me. We lay there kissing before he said I guess you have to go now. I suddenly remembered my husband and nodded. Your times up I whispered and kissed him one more time.
    I cleaned up in the bathroom, got dressed and went downstairs to the bar. The barman smiled as I ordered a straight vodka. Two minutes later husband walked in.

    Loving Her

    My friend from grade school's husband fell off his roof and broke his neck becoming a quad. She leaned on me, overwhelming me, how could I help her? Money problems, physical care issues, emotional issues. It was more than I could handle and I felt guilty for abandoning her. I turned to my boss, fell apart in his arms.

    He decided it was a good time to turn me into his submissive girl. I am not naturally submissive, but he is big, strong, psychologically dominant and it wasn't long until he had me as his sub, emotionally, sexually, financially. My friend started to worry about me, to hold me up. Get strong, push back, get another job, stop being his doll, stand up to him.

    Slowly I got stronger, not enough to break away, but strong enough to talk for myself, to find myself again. The sex became a lot more intense, more dominant, but he gave me independence in other areas. He told me to bring my friend to him. I was scared but she agreed. He told her that she had to get a spine. She couldn't take care of her husband, if she didn't let go she would drown too. He made love to her, over the top sex. Then told me to hold her.

    Until she agreed to put her husband under the care of the state. Then he made love to me and told me I had to hold her hand and bring her to him when she needed to be strong. He made love to her, he gave her to me to hold. He made love to me, gave me to her to hold. Until we held each other. Then he slowly let us go, stand on our feet. Until we need to go to him to make love.

  • Reliving Old Memories

    I travel a lot, or at least I did until recently. This got me thinking that I needed to watch more for situations with hot girls. It then occurred to me to watch for anyone dropping off in short outfits and go from there... The best one was this really young girl, still with a wedding ring...or at least the engagement ring...dropping off her guy at the airport at the gates. They hugged as if he was going off to war (he wasn't...I don't think...). Her dress was SHORT. The dress was no longer than just below the bottom of her wrist, close to where her thumb met her hand...way above fingertip length. She had on black wedge heels and nothing else beside her long brown hair. From behind, her dress just covered her ass but allowed you to see where her thighs met her ass, but again just barely...but it was that short.

    They kissed and hugged passionately, his hands on her ass the whole time, until he finally went through security to get to his gate. She waited and waved a few times, then started walking back to the parking lot. I waited a second, then followed behind her. She couldn't walk very fast because of her tall wedges, so it was perfect. Short term parking was in the big garage across from the airport, and you had to walk a long tunnel, then take escalators then stairs up, or suffer some very slow elevators. First thing I did was when we were about to the tunnel I pretended to bump her ass with my hand while I talked on my cell with the other. Her ass was firm but soft, if you know what I mean. She clearly worked out to keep that body just so.

    I apologized and put my phone away. She said nothing at first, probably more taken aback than anything else. I'm good looking for my age, so she didn't seem too afraid and said "that's okay." I smiled at her and I said, "If you don't mind my asking, where are you flying in from, you look like you were at an island or something." She laughed and replied "No, just dropped my husband off for a flight." "Husband?" I said, "You're too young and cute to be married already." She laughed back and said "Thanks, but I'm 23 and we've been married almost a year already." We walked together to the escalator and she got on with me just behind her. Awesome ass, great body, legs hot...but she couldn't walk fast so we just walked slowly as we talked.

    At the top of the escalator were the steps. I thought she'd go for the elevator but she went for the steps instead. "What floor are you on?" "Four" she replied. "I'm on six" I lied...I actually had to pick up a rental on two! I left her walk a few steps ahead of me at first and sure enough as she walked the steps I could see between her legs. She had enough of a thigh gap that I could see her pussy lips as she walked up the steps. I couldn't believe my luck at first, but then I went for it... "I'm sorry, but you are so fucking hot!" I said "and I can see you aren't wearing any panties, was that for your husband?" "Oh my God," she said at first and put a hand over her butt between her legs from behind, "you can see that? I told him this was too short but he wanted to see me in it." She stood still for a second and I got to the step behind her. I reached up to her and patted her hand over her ass and said "Hey, no panty lines in a dress like that, plus it makes you 10 times hotter!" I held my hand over hers and she withdrew her hand as if we shouldn't be touching, but that just left my hand to palm her ass for a second and I got a fingertip on her ass cheek for a split second but then made sure to remove my hand instantly after that. Couldn't go TOO fast.

    "Where are you going after this?" I asked. "Home" she said, "nowhere else." I said "That's a shame, because you're all dressed up, I thought maybe there'd be a boyfriend." That broke the tension and she laughed again. "No boyfriend." she replied "Just my husband." I said "do you want to get a drink or something?” Still standing there, she laughed again, and turned around. She wasn’t adjusting her dress, so her hemline was up to her crotch at this point, a little shadow at the top of her thighs. I stepped up next to her, and said “Or, we could just hang out in your car and talk.” With that I took my free hand next to her and put it between her legs, just brushing her pussy with my middle finger. “Whoa! What are you doing!?!?!” she replied and backed up a step…but she stayed on that step. “Sorry,” I said, “I wasn’t thinking, it’s just you are so hot in that dress.” She replied “Thanks, but I’m MARRIED!” She emphasized the married part more than shouting it. I replied “Yeah, and you’re all dressed up and he’s on a plane leaving you alone. I’m sorry, I just think you’re so hot.” “Well, thanks,” she said, “but I knew this skirt was too short!” she said and yanked it down in front just enough to recover herself. I quickly said “Oh, please, don’t’ cover up, you’re so beautiful.” I knew it was working when she unclenched her legs and stood relaxed again. I stepped up a step again, standing aside her again. She didn’t move, so I lightly put my hand under her skirt again and caressed her bare pussy with my finger. She didn’t say anything, just looked down at my hand partway covered by her dress as I massaged her pussy gently.

    What really happened: After about a minute or so of me working my fingers over her pussy that I was just able to push the first part of my finger between her lips and feel the warmth inside her pussy. As I was about to push in further she pushed on my wrist with my hand “I’m sorry, I can’t do this. I have to go.” With that she quickly ran up the steps…well, clomped as fast as she could in her heels. I got a few glimpses of ass and a little bit of pussy until she rounded the corner and was gone.

    What I wanted to happen: Fortunately no one was using the stairs at this moment, because we stood for a couple of minutes counting the talking and now the soft groping. I bent my head down to sort of make eye contact as she looked up from her crotch and I asked, “Can we go to your car?” “Yeah, ok.” She replied. We walked the rest of the stairs with her ahead of me and I just stared at the bottom of her butt cheeks and pussy lips peeking out of her dress.

    We got to her car, an older C-class Mercedes and I parked my bags up against the passenger side of her car. “Do you want me to use a condom?” I asked, “I don’t have anything if you don’t.” She replied “I think we better use one.” So I got one out of my bag. “Why don’t you sit in and recline the seat. She did as I guided her. Once she was in, I said, “Now get back out and I’ll sit in.” She spread her legs to get out and gave me a great look at her shaved pussy and gaping pussy lips, the supple wet pink between her lips let me know she was already ready. I sat down and pulled down my pants and underwear to reveal my erection. She didn’t need prompting at this point and got on top of me in the car. I rubbed spit on my dick just before she sat down on it, taking my length part way in before hovering for a second, then slowly working her way up and down my shaft until I was all the way in to my balls. I could kind of get my hands inside her dress form the top to cup her breasts, but it was awkward. I settled for massaging her tits through her dress while she bobbed up and down on me. We did this for a few minutes then I looked around and said we should get out of the car. ..(continue confession)

    Worst Mistake Of My Life

    As a young boy, I knew I was different. I never enjoyed the things most young boys enjoyed, like young girls. As long as I can remember, I was always attracted to other boys.

    My parents grew up in the years just as progressivism in America was on the rise. They recognized my differences and encouraged them. Dressing up like a girl wasn't really my decision. My parents suggested I might be happier dressing as a girl since I was more "feminine" and I was made to believe that was normal for me.

    At that young age, nobody could tell if my physical features were male or female. The only way strangers would know was by how I was dressed which was always as a female. Nobody ever made it an issue, but my parents told as many people as they could. Even though it made me uncomfortable, they always made sure every new person we met knew that I was a transsexual.

    The way they presented it was always how brave I was, but it was always presented in a way that also made them appear brave. Especially among their progressive friends who were always complimenting them on how enlightened and forward-thinking they were.

    Many times, I would dress myself as a boy and my parents would tell me things like, "Don't let ignorant people choose who you are. You were born a girl, so be a girl.". Through high school, I would change from week to week dressing as a boy and a girl. Some called me confused or said I was doing it for attention.

    My sophomore year in high school, my parents moved me to a larger school district known for its diversity. I instantly settled into a group of about a dozen kids who were also outcasts and oddities.

    We all had similar stories and, either by themselves or with help from their parents, decided we were all transsexuals. At that point, I still didn't think I was a transsexual, but with most of my friends identifying as transsexuals, I did feel more comfortable in a group.

    As a high school graduation g*ft, my parents decided that they would pay for my transition from a male to female and the process began. My first step was lengthy psychiatric sessions with a Dr. specializing in transsexual transitions. I've already heard everything he had to say because my parents were telling me the same things my whole life. They must have read the same studies and books.

    The times I tried to tell the Psychiatrist of my doubts were used as argument points as if he were debating me. Over the next year, I was more convinced it was my idea and what I wanted.

    Even the day of my transition surgery, I wasn't sure it was what I truly wanted, but figured so much effort and money has been invested in this process. It's too late to stop now.

    It's been three years since my transition and I know I've made a horrible mistake. I never was a girl and I'm certainly not one now. I was and have always been a gay male. I should have stayed a gay male. I know I would have been much happier.

  • Falling In Love In The City

    28 in the city. Coming from a small midwestern town of 30 thousand I was lost in the city. I found a place, rented a room with what turned out were lesbian women trying to buy the place. At first we kept our distance but we shared the kitchen, living and bathroom and we had to talk and get to know each other.

    One night they were loud, vocal, nasty words. The next morning they apologized, told me they were play acting, actually they were self conscious about making love because they knew the rooms were back to back. I told them if they clued me in I would go for a walk. The first clue was to join them, no secrets, open sex, one, two, three.

    No kissing, if you kiss you fall in love. Open pussy was not falling in love. Nipple pinching is not falling in love. Clit teasing is not falling in love. But kissing is falling in love. The bed was really too small, we are small but not enough room for three. Two at a time then, then two more at a time, then two more until everyone got off. Just no kissing. Except for me it is all about kissing.

    Waking up between them, smelling of sex, memories of pretty nasty things, words you never use, lips kissing lips, except eyes not there, kissing puckered bottoms, kissing hard nipples, but no eye to eye kissing. Until they let me kiss with them and we fell in love. And you wake up between them, and you turn over into her arms kissing her nipples gently to wake her up.

    28 in the city, between two girls, smelling of sex, kissing her sweet lips, her hand in your hair, fighting to not fall in love in the city.

    Sex Experiments

    I consider myself straight. But had some bi experience with best friend . It would happen when we did coke together. Started at jacking off in front. Then to jacking each other then to sucking each other 4 different times. My problem is that happened 30 years ago and I still fantasize about the last time. I was married and wife was gone out of town and he came over and we ended up just jacking off in front of it other. Now I replay the night and wish it went like this. Before he gets there I go out and get condoms,lube . He comes in and I tell him I've got porn and we should write down different things we want to do. He always made hints about fucking each other. So I wrote on each card different ways to suck each other. He wrote on his cards sucking on some and fucking each other different ways. We then start playing cards and loser had to draw a card we wrote on and perform act. We stay naked all night and we start by sucking each other every way imaginable. Then we draw his cards and put condoms on and fuck each other We have moved away from each other but I still think this thoughts and haven't told anyone and want to call and ask him if he still fantasize about it. Years ago I scored some coke one night and stop by sex store and purchased dildo and went home and jack off and fucked the dildo all night. I never think of any other man's cock and wouldn't do it with anyone except my friend. The guilt is killing me. I am remarried and would never tell my wife but wish sometimes wished one day she would ask to peg me

    My Secret Life

    I took a job in internal audit and was assigned to the retail division. I traveled 75% of the time, staying in hotels, motels, one or two nights in a row, then onto the next stop. As an auditor you are no one's friend you eat alone, writeup your report at night and go to bed alone. I masturbated a lot, as time went on I started using lubes and dicks. I was self conscious about my habit, kept my lube and dick in a zipped case, worrying that an airport or an accident would expose me. Along the way one night after eating at the food court in the mall I bought some panties at JC Penney's and masturbated harder than ever before. I started wearing panties, shopping at VS for skimpier, sexier panties, in purple, orange, red.

    Then I had the accident I dreaded. I was wearing lace pink VS panties and was driving with a butt plug. The nurse in the ER had to remove the butt plug and cut away the panties. I was awake enough to be embarrassed, she never flinched. After that experience I lost any concern about wearing panties, using butt plugs, masturbating, bringing my dick with me. Just enjoy.

    Most motels have windows facing the courtyard and walkway, I left the curtains open enough if dome walker walked by they could see me masturbating, wearing my many colored panties, enjoying sliding my dick in and out my ass. In Danville Ky a trucker knocked on the door and offered to help. He certainly had a large dick, went deep, fucked me good. The cum dripped out of my dick. After a joint hot shower I lived my dream, I sucked his hard dick.

    Now I audit at a distance, masturbating at home in my panties, watching gay truckers sex on the laptop, dreaming of a knock on the door.

    The Handyman

    I have lived in this older semi industrial neighborhood of the city all my life and I know everyone .I am an accountant for a medium size company nearby so I do not have to commute. My long term relationship with a local girl ended just before the pandemic and I am a 28 yr old tall, lean single guy.

    My house is an older small semi detached house that always needs lots of work I am not very handy so have had various contractors in to fix stuff and renovate .I was tired of paying top rates for mediocre jobs. There is a very handy older guy who does odd jobs around the neighborhood and can fix almost anything .He was great at plumbing too so during the pandemic I wondered about hiring him .I was hesitant because this guy appears to have a huge crush on me and has told me I am very handsome lots of times in casual conversation .He is short, stocky, balding with a bit of a beer belly and around 58 or so.

    Finally in April I decided to call him in as I felt I could deal with any crush and redirect him back to work. I had lots of work for him to do and would pay him decently. He was excited to start working and began coming over every day. Since I could work from home this was no problem .He worked well and was soon fixing tons of stuff and replacing pipes .I was pleased at his efficiency .He was eager to chat during breaks and we smoked cigarettes as we discussed the work. He was staring at me intently and glancing at my crotch .I was embarrassed about it but did not know what to say. I realized he was probably sexually obsessed with me .One Saturday about 2 weeks in he worked especially hard and completed the biggest job .It was early evening so I rewarded him with take out pizza and some beers .Bill was appreciative and I noticed was moving closer and closer to me when we were talking. At one point he pulled me close with his strong arms and pressed hard against me so I could feel his hard bulge .Instead of resisting I felt myself become passive surrendering to him. His desire for me appeared too strong to fight off anymore .He kissed my mouth hard and pulled me down on the living room carpet. He took his clothes off as I lay there on the thick carpet. His fat thick stubby cut cock was sticking in the air hard. He then took my clothes off and I noticed my own slimmer cock was stiffening. He started caressing my cock and kissing me wetly on the floor .I became more and more aroused and kissed his full lips back. As we frenched he masturbated my cock. He made me shoot a big load all over my stomach .He pointed at his cock and said I like mine sucked .I had never sucked a cock but did not feel I could resist him at this point. I went down his body and still had my cum on my belly. I guided that fat cock into my mouth and found I enjoyed kissing the head then engulfing as much of it as I could. As I sucked him steady my own cock stiffened again. I loved sucking his fat cock and when he shot his load I gulped it down greedily enjoying the salty taste of it. After I had my orgasm he suggested we lie down in bed so we did. He told me how much he wanted me for years and now he has had me sexually he wants me all the time. This made me feel a strange glow inside to be so desired by him and realized I could get used to this and become his sexually .He lit us a cigarette which we shared as I thought about what he said. We slept together in bed. Bill got horny in the middle of the night and found some vaseline to lube up my asshole with .At this point further resistance was futile and I realized he was going to fuck my ass .I was afraid of it hurting but he reassured me by saying it is gonna hurt at first but once you get used to it you will love it. He fucked me from behind like a dog and it did hurt a lot .Bill filled my asshole with his wet sperm.

    Over the next few months Bill was proven right .Now when he fucks me I beg him for his fat juicy cock and all I feel is pleasure when his cock goes in my ass deep until it blows cum in me .He finished all the jobs now pops by all the time to sleep over fuck me or be sucked by me .I crave him now and need his fat cock inside me. His obsession for me is now mutual love and desire between us .He is my strong sexy older boyfriend and I cannot get enough.

  • Dreams Of My Disabled Friend

    I had reconnected with a friend via a hook-up site when I was still in high school. He was two years older so he had already graduated. Since then we have still kept in touch, and he's always complained about how he cannot find a girlfriend. He doesn't understand why, and neither do I. He is disabled with missing one arm from the shoulder, he has a cleft lip and blind in one of his eyes. He can do pretty much everything that everyone else can do but the state obviously does not think so, so he is considered disabled. He was born this way, he can't change it. He isn't an ugly guy, but he isn't all that attractive, either.
    I do feel bad for him that he has to deal with what he has to deal with, but I have also developed a very sexualized fantasy of myself being with him and all the things I want to do to him and his virgin body.

    Like I said he is a virgin, he has never slept with someone before. I want to take advantage of that and of him. I want to show him how he can enjoy himself, I want to see how he gets himself off and introduce him to raw fucking, anal and BDSM. I want to see the way his face lights up when I suck him off and when I slide my pussy on him and make him feel good the way he deserves to feel. I'm tempted to text him and have secret phone sex conversations with him.

    Is it so wrong that I want to just have that sexual relationship with him? I am in a relationship right now, so I can't just mosey on over and push him down on the bed and dom him. But I think in the future I want to try out the most kinkiest things imaginable with him.
    I have never thought about taking a man's virginity, but the thought is so hot and I desperately want to be his first.