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Missing First Time

I was raised going to a nudist resort with my parents every since I can remember. Seeing them nude and others, as well as going nude my self has been just an accepted thing. Very rarely do we go nude at home, though we all shower without the doors closed, and walk to and from our rooms naked. I must confess my sister who is now 16 is very hot and has a super tight body, though this isn't about her. Last summer I met Charlie (a girl, not a guy) at the resort. We hung out a lot she was 16 then, I was 17. Charlie is what I've seen described as a BBW, a big beautiful woman. She is just that, big and beautiful. Not fat really, just big. She is very well shaped, with a waist, hips, nicely shaped legs, and great butt it's all just big. That does include her tits too. She said they are FFF cup, my mom has DD and my sister is already a full D and they look small next to Charlies. My sister said that she and Charlie put them on a scale and they weight 10 lbs each.

Eventually Charlie and I went the next step from just hanging out to being boyfriend and girlfriend. Each of us was at the resort for 3 weeks. She said that she liked the fact that I admitted I'd never had sex. She got a lot of offers, I'm sure due to her enormous tits and the fact that she is very pretty. She didn't want to have sex her first time with someone who had been with a lot of others, or worse; someone who merely said they'd been with a lot of girls. We were holding hands now all the time, kissing a little in front of people and really kissing passionately when alone. My cock would get hard rubbing up against her trimmed hair on her pussy, her big tits pressing against me and my hands roaming all over her body. She at first laughed at my getting hard, then liked that she could make me that way. Eventually she let me rub her while she jacked me till I shot. Then finally I licked her in my bungalow till she was moaning and practically screaming. I saw her hymen that day and I wanted it.

It was at night, warm breezes lying naked on a double air mattress with towels laid over it that we had sex. We were on a small section of beach away from everything else, including all the nights activities. I was lying between her legs, my cock lined up between her pussy lips (which ..(continue confession)

  • Fucked My Wifes Ass Finally

    My wife and I have been married for 20 years. We have 3 kids. Our sex live has always been great but I’ve always wanted anal and she never has

    So this past Saturday night when we had the house to ourselves we were having sex. Well she was sucking my Hairy dick at the time. I was ready to eat her out then fuck her. As I was eating her out I put my finger in her butt. I did that regularly.

    I started to fuck her. She gets very wet. We get in doggy position and I start fucking her in that. I put my thumb in her butt as usual in that position. Then I heard something I’ve been waiting to her for years. She said fuck my ass. I had to stop and say what did you say! She said fuck my ass. I was excited!

    I reached over and got the lube out of my night stand. Lubed her up and myself. Then began to penetrate her ass. It was so tight and she was making all kinds of noises. Took a few minutes till I finally got in. Then I sank my dick in balls deep. I held it there as she rubbed her clit. When her breathing slowed down I started to slowly fuck her ass. I picked up the pace and in minutes I was Cumming in her butt. I was morning like crazy and so was she.

    I pulled out and collapsed in bed beside her. She said that was an intense orgasm for you. I said the same to her in which she replied that she couldn’t believe that she orgasmed from anal.

    Sunday morning she was kinda pissed. Her asshole was sore she told me. I laughed and said let’s do it more regularly so that your asshole is used to it. She looked at me and said I’ll do anal often but only on Friday or Saturday nights.

    Getting Back Into Sex

    Had sexual for the first time since all this COVID stuff. Haven’t took duck since March! My moms neighbor is a sexy older guy. Great body and great guy overall. I knew he was bisexual but I’ve never hit on him.

    Over the weekend I was painting some parts of the house and he started talking to me. Once I was done painting I took off my shorts and shirt. I had a speedo on underneath my shorts. I cleaned the paint off me with the garden hose then decided to get in the pool for a bit. My mom was at work so when I saw the neighbor guy out working in his yard I told him that he Can join me if he’d like. He didn’t have a bathing suit on and I told him just wear your underwear. With out hesitation he took off his shirt and shorts. He had on dark blue fruit of The loom briefs.holy fuck that was sexy! Nice bulge too. He jumped in the pool.

    Tensions rose and he said we should get in his hot tub. So we walked over to his yard. I could see a perfect outline of his dick! I was quite big flaccid. When we got to his hot tub he said that he prefers to go naked so that he doesn’t contaminate the water with any clothes that had laundry soap used on them. So he pulls his briefs off. There is his bald cock on display. He says yeah I shave so no hair gets in here. He gets in. I take my speedo off and get in. He sees that I’m shaved too and said I kinda figured you were shaved. Tensions grew more

    Finally he asked if I had been getting any since Covid, I told him no. He said the same. He finally asked if he could fuck me. I was waiting for that! We got out of the hot tub and went inside his house. We dried off and went to his bedroom. He was hard as a rock! Holy fuck was that dick thick! It was around 5 to 6 inches long but very thick! He lubed his dick up and then my hole.

    It hurt when he first penetrated me! I was so tight from no sex. But it felt so good. I ended up cumming all over myself minutes into sex. He followed by blowing g his big load in my butt. I hardly ever have bare sex but I figured he would cum in me when he didn’t put a condom on.
    <..(continue confession)

    First Time Threesome

    ,After six months shut in my wife and I decided to take a short holiday to the beach. We splurged and stayed in a nice hotel, occupied mostly by wealthier middle age and up patrons. We did our thing in the morning and in the afternoon we decided to go to the pool.

    The weather was nice, everyone distanced as required. When I went into the water to cool off I got 'bumped' by a woman who apologized. After a moment we exchanged pleasantries and learned she was there with some friends, but unattached. I pointed out my wife so that she didn't get any ideas, not that I had ideas, but just in case my wife got pissed. We continued to talk, she was divorced, looked in good shape for a fiftysomething, nice smile and nice boobs under her top. She caught me looking, how could I not and she asked if I was a 'tity man or a bush whacker'. Either way she liked them both.

    My wife joined us after a while, and we continued our talk and my wife had to join in or be left out. My wife was obviously annoyed with her tits in my face, she kept rearranging her top and pushing her tits up. When wife wasn't looking she grabbed my cock under water and whispered that she was all wet, and not from being in the pool either. She let go when my wife turned around but not before I had the beginning of an erection. She casually asked my wife if she liked to share, if my wife was up to it maybe we could all go upstairs and get it on together.

    My wife is as conservative as it comes, but to my surprise she said she didn't think I could handle it, once and it was dead to the world, she was sure I couldn't go the distance. Suffice it to say that my wife said let it on and we got out of the pool, went up to our rooms, the pool lady changed into a nice outfit and came to our room. She brought a bag with her, and in it she had various oils for massage and lubes for going where man wasn't supposed to go unless he felt he was man enough.

    She was in far better shape than I had expected, her boobs obviously store bought, but her ass and thighs and her full bush were extraordinary for a lady her age. She helped my wife get undressed, told me to watch and she set about to massage my wife, paying careful attention to her ..(continue confession)

    Stupid Hurrican

    My uncle and I have played for years. We like the sneakiness and risk. This year, finally got him to let me feel him withoit a condom. Usually he pulls out and I eat it or he'll shoot it on me or something. He has once before in me, and we had to get that pill because it was a bad time that he did it inside me. Fast forward to Sunday night. We played again. I was staying at his house and my aunt was working and my cousin was asleep. We did 3 times. The first he said he'd pull out but said he couldnt help it lol. I rrally like feeling him putting it inside me but again, super bad time. My dad called and said he'd be over to get me in 2 hours. He said we could 2 more times, make a game out of it. Beat the Daddy LoL. We did and he said he'd bring me the pill again tomorrow when he came over for dinner. Now, Sally has become a hurrican and he had to work because he's a sherriff. It's now Tuesday mornimg and he hasn't answered my text. I'm kinda freaking and had to tell someone. WTF why did we? Hope he calls me soon.

  • Greek Hospitality

    A year ago today, I flew home after an extended stay on a beautiful Greek island.
    The reason my holiday was extended by six weeks, was my ex girlfriend and I split up during our last week on the island.
    Basically I found her being fucked by an older guy in our apartment, after I'd fallen asleep by the pool.
    Out the same night, with her moving rooms into his apartment, I got drunk and told my troubles to a bar owner.
    I'd be lying to say I didn't remember him fucking me that night, but it was all a blur.
    The following morning in his huge villa, was no blur and neither was sucking on his gorgeous cock, then being fucked on his massive bed.
    A few hours later after phoning my parents, I moved from the apartment into his home.
    I told my mum and dad I'd split up with my girlfriend and was staying longer, working in a bar.
    Which was basically true. I did work in the bar taking drinks out to customers. However the main reason I was given free accommodation and money to spend, was every morning and night, I had my arsehole fucked by the bar owner, and after a couple of weeks, also by a business associate of his.
    They shared me for a month, sometimes fucking me together, but mostly I'd have one or the other fucking me every day.
    The weird part, was being fucked by the bar owner when his wife was around. He couldn't have cared less, but I felt awkward sucking on his fat cock with her sometimes watching.
    When I left to fly home, both men fucked me by the pool, then drove me to the airport. I still had their cum sleeping out of my arsehole on the flight home.
    All my friends and family think it was because I was heart broken over the split, as to why I stayed. None of them know the reason I returned in January for a week and was due to stay for a month recently. Covid stopped that, but I have provisionally booked for next May.
    Both men have kept in touch, and each week they send me messages of desire.
    I cannot wait to feel them both fucking me again.


    I don't know what is wrong with me I'm 23 been married for almost a year I have a great sex life, my husband has a good job.
    It's my neighbor I can't stop watching him, I go round the back of the house and peek through the window, he never wears clothes indoors he has a great body and the biggest fattest penis I have seen, while my husband and I are having sex I have been fantasising about having him fucking me and I have the most explosive orgasms.
    I don't know if he knows that I watch him or want him, I don't know what to do next, there is an elephant in the room he's 67

    The Janitor Used Me

    So it happend when I was 13. Back in the days I was doing a lot of sport and stuff. I was pretty good at sprinting so my sports teacher allowed me to use the gym on my own after the afternoon sports class was over. I did that for a few weeks and usually the janitor would come around 5pm and tell me to wrap up for today. The Janitor always looked a bit creepy to me, he was like around 1.90m and had a lot of muscles. So one day I was practicing at the gym and it was around 4:30pm. I was feeling tired that day so I taught ill leave earlier, but first I needed to go to the bathroom. There were 5 urinals and I picked on towards the midle. So while I was lowering my pants I noticed to bathroom door opening. It was the janitor, he looked at me with a neutral face, said hi and took the urinal to my right. Since I was a kid I can't really take a piss if someone stands besides me, so thats the reason I only use urinals when I'm alone. So I was standing at the urinal with my dick in my hand and trying my hardest to pee. On my right side the janior was peeing and talking to me. It was really uncomfortable talking with someone while trying to pee. I really didnt listen to what he was saying but after a while I realized that his face has gotten angrier and that he was done peeing a long time. So I said that I did not listen and asked what he said. He looked into my face and said something like "you are the reason why I'm getting off late of work blablabla". I was kinda scared and apologized, still unable to pee. He said that he does not give a fuck about my apology and that I needed some punishment. I said that I was sorry once again and that I wanted to leave. He pulled up his pants went to the door, pulled out his huge keyring and locked the bathroom door. I was shocked and turned my body to the door, still with my pants down. He was moving towards me in an aggressive manner which scared me very much. I said that I dont want to get hurt, he laughed. He came up to me and told me to take off my shoes, pants and undies and then he grabbed me by my armpits with his huge hands. Just like that he was lifting me into the air, I was squirming but there was no chance to escape. While ..(continue confession)

    About Starting Something On Twitter

    I actually wanted to review different porn videos to help people find amazing videos that I actually liked and share thoughts on videos but I can't do it on instagram or Facebook the only way is twitter and reddit.
    My choice is twitter and I really want your opinion to decide I should do it on not because I love porn I like to write porn scenes. So please tell me if it will workout or not?....

    My Loving Niece

    Two years ago I was 73 and Ruth was 22. She called me asking if I could put her up for a few months as she now has a baby and her boyfriend is in prison. I said sure if you can live in my old RV. Moved in and settled in and got a job. Waitress at restaurant, evening off at midnight.

    The Aunt took care of the baby I am transportation. First night after work I get Ruth in the RV and tell her I'll get the baby as it was raining and snow mix. I go into my cabin and my wife is asleep in the bed with baby in a crib. I strip off my clothes and put my robe on as I am soaking wet. pick up the baby and her bag, wrapping her up under the robe and out to the RV.

    Ruth was at the door to let me in and went to get the baby and in doing it my robe opened up. This is when I saw she only had a thin night gown on. While she put the baby to bed I was just behind her and she turned around and slipped my robe off me. As I pulled up her gown up over her head and we got into bed.

    We then fucked for the first time. I asked how good is her memory and if she remembers when she was 12 and staying over the weekend. Ruth said she would always remember and said she was ready for me to fuck her that night. I have a problem in older adult fucking kids. But I also don't have a problem playing with them and their games. Now it's time to get to sleep. We will have plenty of time to get together and have some sexy fun.

    It's been two years and I have been fucking my Ruth almost every night. I'm in love with my niece and will never be able to let her go. I'm wanting to get her pregnant and have my baby but she said not until her aunt passes away and she will decide then. Meantime I will be able to fuck her as often as I can.