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Ultra Dirty Minded Sub Dad

I’m a married str8 man in everyone’s eyes, only a few people people know how kinky and twisted I am sexually....
I’m TrueType bisexual, I’ve been and done lots of kinky sex things, no blood or poo....
But I have enjoyed so many sexual things, at my age now,still married to an amazing wife, she has had a low sex drive for years but better today after discovering I have had sex with men as an alternative to no sex at home,
I have as of late felt the desire to become a submissive cock sucker, pleasing other men’s needs....
I have met another man that loves me sucking him ..(continue confession)

Fuck My Mom No Seriously

Oh well, as the title suggests. Now of course I'm not attracted to her so that's out of the question (No i****t relationship there)

Now though I do get worried at times like if I meet a new friend, what if he doesn't find her hot you know, what if he's like "That's just another mom" I feel like I'm going to be sad for days. for reference she's 5'8 and 170lbs (44) years old, She goes to the gym and everything so she built quite a plumpy ass, and her bust isn't that bad.

So yeah just to make my poor heart feel better, I would appreciate if you all in the comments just tell ..(continue confession)

Forced Bi

Me and my girlfriend invited a man over to our place to watch us have sex. My girlfriend was giving me a bj while the other guy watched and jerked off, when suddenly my girlfriend stops sucking me and pushes my head towards the guys cock, i took him in my mouth and started to suck. After a while we changed position and i was fucking her while she was in doggy, then suddenly he stood over her so his cock was straight in my face, and he started to proper skull fuck me until he came in my mouth. She told me to swallow some of it and then kiss her.
I loved it

Can't Unsee It

I was playing spy and I saw something I believe I will never unsee or forget. No matter how bad I make myself feel about it I get a raging hardon and I have to jackoff...hard!

My aunt, my mom's twin sister, travels a lot and she normally stays with us for about 4 months of the year. They're identical twins but my aunt cuts her hair shorter and she a lot more tan.

One day I accidentally discovered how to spy on my aunt while she was naked in the shower. Our attached garage has a good size loft that I use as my man cave, seperate from my room.
It's opened to the ..(continue confession)

All Eyes Down Below

Since getting my period I’ve always actually enjoyed the situation of having to insert a tampon or wear a pad because I wanted attention to it and always would think about that masturbating frequently. So for quite many years anytime I could somehow reveal that I had my period to guys or girls so I would slide my tampon Out the side of my bikini or super tight shorts or even a mini skirt w pantystring just enough to look like I didn’t realize it showed. It works cause people have been staring for years and I fuckin luv it

Yearning Horny Stepmom W Secret

I’m a 43yr old divorced mom and my stepson who is 16 also. His dad is in jail for years since he just got locked up. I also have a daughter in college. I don’t have much of life and work a lot.anyway. For the last 3 months during my periods mostly I’ve had the most sexually graphic thoughts of my stepson seeing me naked accidently or anything. So I’ve been leaving items in the bathroom on purpose that he can’t ignore. I always leave my tampons in trash can cause I want him to see them an then picture them inside my pussy. I will also masturbate cumming a lot and use a pantyliner to ..(continue confession)

My Son's Friend

I feel like a horrible mom for doing this so here I go, a couple of years ago my son's best friend Sam came over, Sam was a tall kid who was extremely sweet, my son and Sam were at the pool and I noticed how Sam had an 8 pack, I was so turned on I had to go to the bathroom and finger myself. My husband and I haven't had sex in like a couple of months and I can tell Sam had a huge cock, I knew it was wrong but I wanted Sam to shove his cock in my tight pussy, when my son went to the store I asked Sam to help me in the laundry ..(continue confession)

Both Ends Filled

So right from the start I want to say this is a confession but just a confession of a filthy fantasy and not something my wife and I have done. At least not yet. I guess it's not a constant thing, not an obsession I guess. Just a dirty fantasy that does get my juices going.
It's something that we sometimes bring up when we're having one of our marathon, all around the house, hours of play days.

So basically because it's fantasy anything goes and it doesn't have to make real sense. In reality this would be kind of hard but not impossible to pull off with the right partner(s).
This could take place ..(continue confession)

Asexual Lady

I was born in Ponce Puerto Rico, my father was a policeman who was forced to retire because of alcoholism. He went from job to job and after two years he was permanently unemployed and we were living with my mother's older sister. My aunt had one daughter who was four years older and I slept with her in her room.

She left home after she finished high school and went to live in Chicago and worked in a bar. When I finished high school she invited me to come stay with her and she could get me a job in the bar. My mother told me to go, things at home were bad financially, my father was ..(continue confession)

My Teacher

I saw my unmarried struggling to walk normal. Idk what happened to her but I really want to know if she had anal sex of something I really want to know...I saw her entering into college other guys are laughing and guessing if she had sex really hard or something but I am not sure. I really want to know why se wasn't able to walk normal. She was taking small steps. She was walking like a penguin and it was a day after a holiday. please tell me what cause her walk like that?