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Fooling Around With My Crush

My crush is married to a wonderful girl that no one would ever believe he'd cheat on, the kind of girl next door perfection that I really shouldn't be able to compete with on any level. She's perfect.

Regardless, Beth there are some things you should know.

Your husband kissed me for the first time on a hot August night - you thought he was doing a late night property walk when instead he was driving around with me looking for somewhere to park after a full month of online flirting and some conversations you don't want to know the details about.

I met up with him in his office one night late and he teased me so hard I had to masturbate in my car in the parking lot outside your apartment. He loves messing around with a gal's neck while massaging her thigh, doesn't he?

I met him in a park one night and he showed me his cock and stroked it for me. That night he called my bluff, so I showed up with condoms and lube. He teased me (as usual), then left, but not without leaving pre-cum all over my leg.

When he went for a job interview, I met him at the hotel he was staying at and spent the night with him. That night he wouldn't kiss me on the mouth, but would roll over and tease me and rub his hard cock all over my ass and legs. Then the asshole would roll over - this went on for nearly two hours until he finally fell asleep. I held him like he was mine.

When I was at a Superbowl party with my friends, he was texting me the whole time to go masturbate in my best friend's bathroom. I happily obliged and sent him pictures. That night I tasted my pussy for the first time at his request.

I've sucked your husband's cock, lapped up cum from his stomach the time he jerked off in front of me in my bed. That time he told you he was going to the store at 3am because he couldn't sleep. He couldn't sleep because of me. He's the first guy to date that pulled me up mid-blowjob for a kiss and my pussy has ached for that image for a LONG time. I'll bet he does that for you, too.

I've seen videos of you sucking his cock that he sent me - for awhile I probably saw his cock as much as you did. Your technique is excellent.

And when I came out for "game nights" if I could get him alone I sent him pictures of my pussy from where I masturbated and squirted for him. The last night I saw him most recently I was trying to get him to sneak off to the bathroom with me for a fuck. He dodged me that night.

I have a wonderful boyfriend now, so I do feel a little bit bad that we did all this. But it felt incredible to be playing a sexy game of chicken. So thanks for the MANY (many) hot orgasms I had for or due to your man.

  • I Am Ready To Take My Place As The Woman Of The House

    Today I told my exboss I loved him. He is much older, but he is the only man I have. fallen in love with. He loves me, I know that, but he loves me both like a daughter and loves me as a woman. I'm ready to be a woman with him, I told him. I'm 26, I want him to take me and impose himself on me until my brain is forever linked to him. Don't get on my case, what I want to do is show him I can be the woman of the house.

    Mother In Law

    About 15 years ago when I first met my wife to be, she was still living at home with her mother...who at that time was a divorcee and 41 years old. I was in my mid 20's and my wife to be was 19.

    Because i lived out of town, i would occasionally stay the night there. In a spare room because the future mum in law didn't approve of me and her daughter having sex under her roof. As you can imagine for a red blooded male, i found this very frustrating. They say that you should always check out your potential wife's mother to give you an idea of how your wife will look in 20 years time.

    Frankly i liked what i saw.

    I was now doubly frustrated. Wasn't allowed to have sex with my girlfriend and extremely aroused by her mother.

    One morning waking up horny as hell I go to have a shower but the door is locked and i can hear the shower going. Thinking it was my girlfriend i go outside to see if i can peek in through the window. The glass is that opaque glass so i cant see through it but the window is open just a nick to allow the steam to escape. I manage to get my fingers through the gap and open it a little wider. I can now see the shower cubicle but its not my girlfriend in there, it's her mother. She has her back to the window as she showers so i stand to one side so i can see through the gap, and i pull out my cock and start masturbating as i watch her soap herself and rinse off. I let out an unintended very audible moan when she bent over to pick up the shampoo bottle on the floor of the shower. Her legs were parted and the water was flowing off her ass and her pussy lips. She was maybe 3 metres from the window but the view was clear. Im outside wanking hard as i watch her and she bends over again and washes between her legs. Again i moan out loud. This time she stands up quickly and turns off the shower and stands there cocking her head this way and that listening for whatever had disturbed her.

    I quickly push my cock back into my jeans and zip up and go back inside and hide in my room...across from the bathroom. As my girlfriend's mum opens the bathroom door, i hide and wait until she has passed by and closed her bedroom door and then go into the bathroom closing the door behind me. First thing i see are a pair of white lace panties on the floor. I pick them up and examine them. The crotch is wet and has a filmy sheen to it. I rub a fingertip over it and lift my finger to my lips and taste it. Instantly my cock hardens up again. So i unzip my jeans and pull out my cock and start to wank myself while i sniff and lick the crotch of her panties and picture her in my mind bending over in the shower and begging me to fuck her.

    I put her panties over my head so the crotch us touching my lips and i lick and suck on the lacey material as i wank my shaft with one hand and stroke my balls with the other. I'm getting so close to cumming. I lean back against the sink, sucking the crotch of her panties deep in my mouth, when the door opens - I'd forgotten to lock it when i saw the panties on the floor - and in walked my girlfriend.

    She assesses the scene comes in, closes the door beyond her and hisses "what the fuck are you doing with my mothers undies?" So that's embarrassment number one.. it continues.

    Thinking on my feet I say "fuck! your mothers ?? Oh god no i thought they were yours."

    I pretend to be horrified and eventually she starts to laugh and tells me that i must be so frustrated going without sex for so long. She locks the door and starts the shower running, gets naked and asks "how do you want me"?

    Still with the vision of her mother bent over in the shower, i tell her to bend over and grab her ankles. With the water running over her ass i soap her up and then get down behind her and take a good close look. Her pussy lips didn't hang like her mums but it was close enough for me to fantasize about. I started to lick her pussy and then moved to her ass and pushed my tongue in her anus. At the same time I'm stroking my cock. I'm rock hard. I stand and take hold of my girlfriend's hips and ease the head of my cock inside her. She felt so silky smooth i couldn't help but think of the wet juicy slime on the crotch of her mums panties. As I'm gerting closer to ejaculating my pace picks up until I'm slamming into her from behind and all that can be heard is the slap slap slap of flesh on flesh, the running water and my girls pants of encouragement. Knowing she loved being slammed into made me hornier still. I grabbed her hair in one hand and her shoulder with the other and as i thrust deep and held her there, and the cum started to spurt....i called her by her mother's name! So yep that was the embarrassing moment. It took some time to live that down, but she still married me.

  • Preg Did It Anyway

    When I was 25 I was pregnant. I was on my own, didn't know who the father was. My boss was very kind to me, found out on a business trip he was just wanting pregnant pussy. He got it, a lot of it, along with my mouth and my ass. Despite being pregnant I found another few guys and was letting them fuck me while I was pregnant from about 6 months to 8 months.

    One of the guys I slept with was older, in his 50's, very generous and he was bi, but hadn't had a guy in over 15 years. He liked me to come to his place after my boss or others fucked me and he licked me like crazy. I had orgasmed so hard when he'd do that. I went to him after 3 guys shared me for a couple of hours, all bareback.

    I look back now as a Mom of now 2 kids, the second one from my husband, and I feel totally ashamed and afraid. I'm so afraid that someone will tell my husband about the groups of guys, or doing all that when I was pregnant the first time. It would shatter him. I straightened up totally after giving birth, ditched everyone, got a degree, a good job, and a great husband. I really feel bad and don't want it messed up. I was such a slut and a whore - yes not just a whore, but really one. I took money at least 20 times for BJs and fucks. I am a different person now, but . . .

    Mousy, Nerdy, Domme Wife

    My wife is also 23 we have been married for 15 months. She is a thin, small titted, mousy brunette. She has a nice body, not super hardbody, but nice. She shaved her pussy for me a couple times before we got married and the night before the wedding. That time she stayed shaved for 4 months. Then she grew it all back in, and I really don't care. No one, not her coworkers, not her sisters or parents, no one at all knows how dominant she has gotten. She showed no sign of it until our first anniversary.

    Ever since then she has totally taken over our sex life, she is super dominant and I submissive. I really don't mind her taking the lead and enjoy doing stuff to please her twists and kinks. With a leather collar on, she makes me bend over and she fucks me with a strapon cock. She now uses one that is a little over 2 inches thick and 10 inches long. It is silicone, and flesh colored and even has a foreskin. I get fucked and suck it everyday. While she is fucking me she talks so dirty. She says things that I never figured my little, nerdy, plainjane wife even knew. She talks about how she is fucking her bitch, and calls me a buttwhore, and talks about how she'll sell my whore ass on the street. She has shaved my legs, and trimmed my pubes while leaving hers in full growth. Last week I had to put on stockings before she'd fuck me.

    When it's over, though I still wear the collar and I'm fucking her as my wife, she is quiet and calm like always. I really like pleasing her, and no one would know my little nerd is a fuck crazy domme piece of ass.

  • Sent The Missus To Meet A Lad Part 2

    So I posted couple of weeks ago on this about how this missus was going to meet a lad get fucked then come back well she did it !

    He picked her up from a night out they went back to his and fucked she sucked his cock ate his ass got fucked multiple times then come home to me

    I then ate her pussy had her spit in my mouth knowing she had been swallowing his cock and tonguing his arsehole not 20 minutes ago I bent her over and licked deep inside her pussy unfortunately he didn’t fuck her ass this time

    It went really really well and we have planned on looking for other people to get involved and do something where we are both involved

    Actually really enjoying this new fetish we have found and she is looking for a girl to come round and join in with us

    I Can't Be A Lesbian, I Just Can't. But I Know I Am.

    I'm a 29 year old woman, middle class, working parents. I worked from the time I started babysitting at 14. I saved the money to buy my car, a piece of shit eight year old car. I went to college in town on student loans and I have a degree in Communications, making 54 thousand a year as an HR Generalist.

    At my work is a girl, same age. Went to a top ten university. She has a masters degree, zero student debt. She drives a one year old BMW, lives in a high rise apartment. She works in HR with me, she is also a Generalist. She is a Trust Fund baby.

    I can't help my jealousy. She buys me clothes. She buys me intimate clothes. She pays when we go out, she paid for my vacation with her to Mikonos in Greece. She likes to make me up, she likes to help me get dressed. She likes me to sleep with her. She likes me as a lesbian likes another girl. She wants me to move in with her and be a couple.

    I am not a lesbian, I know that. I can't help myself, when we were in Greece I told her I loved her, it came out but it was not the truth. I don't know who makes love to who, but it involves intimate oral sex and she likes laying on top of me and rubbing against me. It's not easy to do but we do it, it usually causes us both to climax.

    I don't want to hurt her feelings, she is obviously deeply in love. I haven't move in because of that, she is beyond hope in love and I don't love her like that. I love her, but not like she loves me. If I agreed to get married to her she would have the biggest wedding party you can think of. I agreed and we have matching tattoos on the inside of our wrist. Three little hearts.

    I don't want to be a fraud, her money scares me, I haven't been with a guy in over four years, since I started going out with her. I know that the moment I move in, I will never move out and I will end up getting married to her. I wake up and I watch her sleep before going back to bed and spooning with her.

    Not seeing her is not an answer, getting married is not an answer, being lesbians is not an answer. Being in love with her is not an answer. I don't know what to do anymore. Do I just give up? Surrender? Get married to her? Become one more lesbian couple pretending to be normal. That's what scares me the most. I don't think that we could ever be normal. And we have the whole question of having kids. Not having kids is not the answer.

    She Wasn't A Whore, Not Really

    In 2004 I went to St. Petersburg, on business. My first time doing business with Russians. Things were anything but pleasant and the place we stayed at was mid level, the food was terrible. We were having a hard time in the negotiations and we decided to bring in our own translator. A woman was sent over, she was a PhD in metals which was of no use to us, and spoke very good English. She was 42.

    With her help things got a bit better, she cut the translation cards on the official translator and she gave lots of advise on dealing wit the Russians, which worked. We were there for three weeks, and on the Saturday before we left she asked me if I had been to the Hermitage Museum. We went and spent a couple of hours there and then went for a walk. We stood by the canal talking and she got close and grabbed my cock in my pants. She held my cock in a grip and asked if I had ever fucked a Russian woman, actually a Ukrainian woman. She told me she wanted to fuck.

    We went back to hotel and she undressed in a hurry, she had a long body, long legs, a sparsely covered bush, and small tits. She grabbed my cock and started to suck me working my cock with her hands. When she got me hard she laid back on the bed and told me it would be 100 dollars, fifty if all I wanted was a blowjob. I was hard, and she was on her back. I thought about it for a minute and got on top of her and fucked her until I came. I got off, and both of us still naked I gave her a hundred dollar bill. I asked her how much for the night. She told me she had to go home, her husband and daughter were waiting for her.

    Sometime later, I was in Hanover and I told this story to my German counterpart. He told me that I had paid her a month's wages as a translator. Russian women were doing anything for money, getting married to anyone for money. I had done her a favor, think of it like that. A hundred dollars was a lot of money for her. It didn't make me feel better, if anything all it did was make me feel worse. Had I known I would have given her the money, no need to fuck.

    Hot To Watch Her

    Very happy mwm with a wonderful and sexy younger wife. Have had a few erotic adventures in the past and looking forward to more when it becomes safe again.

    I have seen on this site and others that what I thought was my own weird kink is actually much more common than I thought.

    The thing is that my wife is a total oral genius and loves making a dick get hard in her mouth until she gets the reward in her mouth. She has sucked off many guys over the years and probably taken mine thousands of times.

    So what gets me turned on is kissing her and realizing what a dirty mouth she has.

    We've both agreed it would be very hot to have her suck dicks at a gloryhole type place and some day she really wants to try it.

    I was watching a porn vid last night where a slutty wife was sucking gloryhole dicks at a video arcade and I had to stroke one off and came a big load thinking how hot it would be to watch my sugar getting her mouth used and kissing her while she has a dirty mouth.

    Any couples doing the same?

  • I Got My Nerve On Line

    In the days of CL I was traveling a lot and fantasized reading the M4M posts. I got hard, and masturbated to my imagination of what these me were asking for and doing. At times I went to porn sites to better visualize sex between men. I was enthralled by cock pictures, the bigger, the harder the better. But I never went anywhere, I stayed in my hotel room and masturbated.

    Then I spent a week in Manhattan at the Marriott on Times Square for a convention. Boring convention. I was on CL that first night and saw a post by a man who was looking for a sissy sub, he claimed to be an Alpha top. I had a fake a email address already and I used it and made contact. He answered within five minutes. I told him I was a novice, I had never had sex with a man. We went back and forth and he assured me that he liked nothing better than a virgin. We agreed to meet in front of Rockefeller Plaza. I gave him the color of my shirt and general description, I would be alone and he told me he would find me.

    He was as average a man as you can think of, he looked like a tax accountant. He was nice enough, not more than 5'10", about 160 lbs. He took my face in his hand and kissed me on the mouth, in the middle of all those people. He wanted to make sure I was serious. We went back to my hotel room, and he told me to undress, nothing on, not even a smile. He licked my ass grabbing my cock with his hand. He licked my ass long enough that he was able to milk me with his hand. Only then did he get undressed.

    He wasn't lying, his cock was big, so much bigger than mine. Suck on his cock, and jerk him off, or try to. All I got from it was his cock being shoved down my throat and vomiting. He had me clean up and try again, swallow his cock down my throat. He held my nose with his fingers, I gagged and he slapped my face and grabbed my nose again. He pushed me away and told me to lean over and hold onto the dresser. He went to the door and opened it all the way and jammed a towel under the door to keep it open. He fucked me with the door open. Hard and fast, it burned and hurt and he called me out for being a queer.

    After being fucked he closed the door and told me that in New York there was every type of queer, being a sissy was only one. We got dressed and went to a club, all kind of queers. I bought the drinks, he picked out a queer and told me to suck his cock on the floor. The queer was happy to oblige and I sucked him while people went around us. Then lean over and hold onto the table and he fucked me again in the middle of the club. No one cared, I was a sissy sub that night he decided what and where I did it. I had to learn he and only he was in charge, and fucking me in public and having me suck cock in public was how he was breaking me in.

    We ended the night at another club, again sucking off queers and having this queer fuck my ass. He thought it a good idea and took me down to this all night tattoo shop and had a 2 inch dick and balls tattooed on my forearm, that way everyone would know I was queer and a sub.

    I walked the ten blocks back to my hotel, my ass stung the entire way. I had the taste of cum in my mouth. I had this tattoo on my arm. I didn't sleep that night. The next morning I chose not to go to the convention hall. I cruised the CL posts, posting a sissy post looking for a top.

    As long as CL was alive I got along fine, Cleveland, Dallas, San Francisco, Seattle. I got fucked. When CL died I had been around and knew where to go. I also got older which hurt my chances of getting picked up. During this lockdown I met a young man who was moving into our building. He is all queer and has a really nice cock and he likes me well enough. I have to versatile now, if I want him to treat me right I have to treat him right. I've learned to fuck, but he doesn't have the nerve to humiliate. I'd love to suck his cock in the gym, while tenants walk outside beside the glass wall. But we would get arrested, this is not New York at night.