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I'm Still His After Twenty Years

I got a job working for a small company as a clerk in the HR department. The boss man, owner, looked at me and told me that for him there was only one thing, pussy. Give him pussy and things would go well for me. It took me working there for several months to understand that some of the other women there had given him pussy and that he looked after them and that it was up to me go give him pussy. He wasn't going to ask again and I had to present it to him.

I went to his office on that day, I wore a dress and new panties and I bent over his desk and lowered my panties and told him to take it. He stood behind me and stuck his cock in me and got me pretty wet. After a few minutes he pulled his cock out and put his cock against my ass and shoved in. I had never had my ass fucked and I wasn't prepared for it.

I became his first choice as long as I worked there, but not his only choice, he still fucked some of the other women. I got my degree while I worked there and he was always helpful and generous, not only to me but to the other women too. While I was there I use to tell myself it was just a pussy, that's all, just a pussy. But it was more than that, he is now an old man and he sold the business but I still stay in touch with him and when I see him I let him hug me and kiss my mouth and let his hand wander over my ass and I get wet for him.

Growing Up

I grew up with my mother and grandparents, you could say my grandfather was my father, As young as I could remember my grandfather was making me a man. I had to learn how to mow the yard, work with tools, clean the gutters. When I was older how to fix the truck, how to load and unload the truck, how to fix the furnace. I went to school but after school I was his 'helper'. One thing for sure, I was going to be a man.

Going onto college was my first time away from home. I was the handyman, I could fix most anything, from changing the brakes on a car, to fixing a dishwasher. I was popular with friends and neighbors, the go to guy for anything. I got recommended to help this man with his air conditioner. I went there after he got off work. The minute I saw him I saw my grandfather. HIs cock in my mouth, his cock in my ass was the same as my grandfather's. I couldn't get enough, I wanted more.

That's when I knew my grandfather had made a man out of me.

Thong Tan Line Fetish

This dates me of course...gay porn in the 70's often starred guys like Joey Stefano...with a thong tan line.
These days its a Trannie only thing...well almost only.
As a closeted bi sexual male I got off watching guys fuck the likes of Joeys thong tan lined ass.
I had a couple of thongs...my wife thought they were a bit "gay" but didn't ban them...
We were on holiday years ago and I wore one to sun bathe when she was shopping one day. She thought it was silly but we were on holiday so she didn't go overboard. By the end of the week I had a very defined thong tan line. Mission accomplished.
For the next 15 years I maintained it. Albeit with a degree of flack.
During that time my tan line defined my sexuality when I was away, which was a lot. I exposed my bare thong tan lined ass as often as I could. In hotel gym and spa changing rooms, on gay beaches, in gay saunas and even wore low slung jeans and sat on bar stools exposing it...especially bars with black lights which made white stand out.
That was then...this is now...
My wife nagged it off me and now my tan line is a speedo one...
I hadn't seen a nude guy with a thong tan line for years, until last weekend. I was staying in a hotel and after my work out went to the sauna. I opened the door and went in to find a very tanned guy lying face down, bare assed...sporting a stunning thong tan line. I immediately got an erection and sat myself on an upper bench so I could get an excellent view. I started to masturbate looking at his ass...the beads of sweat rolling off his beautiful body.
After about 5 minutes I decided that the tan line was an invitation...just as mine had been.
I reached down and gently ran my little finger through his sweaty sexy trench. He moaned softly and stayed put so I did it again. After the fourth run, he reached behind and pulled one ass cheek aside to expose his anus. I dropped down and started to eat it out, rimming him. He moaned and writhed around. I fingered and tongued his anus for about 10 minutes. I still hadn't seen his face. I masturbated while attending to him. When he was well worked and open I leant down and licked his neck. He lifted his ass up off the bench pulled his knees under him and arched his back and I saw his cock for the first time hanging between his thighs. I guided my hard cock into him and fucked him, ejaculating after about 5 minutes. I massaged his whales tale while I fucked him. After I had fully emptied my load into his anus I pulled out and left.
I sat in the change room and waited for him to come out.
I watched him shower and dry off. He dressed...a little black thong , jeans and a T. I discreetly followed him to the lift. I let him go in and then I followed. As we rode up in the lift I told him he had a devine ass and that I hoped he enjoyed his visit to the sauna. I spent the night in his bed.

  • My Mom Protected Her Daughter

    My Mom walked in on me fucking the holy whining shot out of my little sister. She was 4 and I was 10. I’d been playing nasty with her since I tricked her into putting my cock in her mouth. She was easy to trick and enjoyed the things I did to her. After my Mom caught me she started catching me alone (usually horny and masturbating) and would say something like; I don’t want you fucking Jenny anymore. That’s why I’m taking care of you that way. If I suck your dick eat your cum and let you pound out your Mommy’s hot fun c**t. Of course I told her ok and had wild crazy nasty sex with my Mother for a few years. Loved French kissing her with my cum in her mouth or fucking her with Dads cum in her. Anyway, I kept fucking (some may call it consensual insect r**e) Jenny and even fuck her when I can today (63 and 56). Never had a c**t as fun and ready whenever I wanted (3or 4 sessions a night). When me and Mommy got to know each other sexually we told each other nasty things. She told me she gang fucked a group of ROTC cadets in her bedroom to keep them from telling on my dad for sucking their cocks. I laughed and eat a mouthful of her squirt c**t juice and probably my cum out of her c**t and told her, I’m still fucking Jenny and I have been making her fuck my friends and strangers (they paid me 100 buck each to fuck a 11 year old girl who was as turned on as they were (she was amazing at sex and fucking. So good she had a phase where she was ok with and turned on to know that many guys knew she was an easy hot fuck. Kinda the whore of the town. Funny thing I walked in on my mom helping her with a gang bang of 6 or more very large crazy horny black stud cocks. The looked so hot and overwhelmed by so many really big aggressive cocks. I just sat down and started jacking off. My mom and slut baby sister totally forgot I’d walked in. They were totally into those multiple fuck tools in their pussies mouths and asses. Both covered in cum moth, c**t, ass, tits and face. I shot cum on both of the it was so hot. I’m masturbating like crazy just remembering how I was so lucky to have long term i****t with my sister and mother. I wish I’d fucked them together but, I fucked each of them at least 100 or more times and I’d double fucked both of them with my little brother. Watched Jenny get really hard fucked by group after group. Some nights all black others mixed. Even though she worked as an escort for a couple of years she is not an out of control whore. She will fuck for money or fun and I’m proud of her. I hope she’ll let me pimp her pussy to a group of guys next time we visit. I know I’m a freak, bastard, pervert. Exactly and I love it. I’ll do anything sexual to anyone anytime. I’m such a fucking loser, I pick up dogs from the shelter, bring them home and either jack them off until they cum or I fuck the bitches and shoot in them. Love i****t r**e piss and sex for money.

    My First BBC Experience In School Bus

    Back in high school i was a cheerleader. I was wearing my cheerleader clothes. My boyfriend was having football practice. This one day my friends and me went on the school bus to go home but there wasn't enough seats for us. So my friends sit together but i have to sit on a black guy's lap behind my friends. a few mins after I sit on him; i started to feel his BBC poking my ass and i was startled by how big and thick his black cock is. He went under my skirt and groped my ass. He unzipped his pants and took out his big black cock and moved my underwear to the side to slide his huge cock in my pussy. i have gasp and moan a little from his cock being in me. i moved my skirt around to cover what he is doing from everyone. each time the bus hit a pothole his BBC thrust into me and there is alot of potholes from my school to my bus stop. so he was fucking me alot to the point where my moans becomes louder and caught my friends attention. i try to play it off but the guy lift my skirt and show them that he was fucking me. My friends flash me wink and a smile and watch us having sex. i was cumming on his cock at this point. when we were close to my bus stop; he thrust his cock harder and cum in me. I got up fix my underwear and my skirt and walk back home with my friends and his cum in me.

    Need Help

    I am in desperate need of a perfect porn video. It needs to be a compilation video of bisexuals. I want it to feature husbands eating cum from their wives pussies as they are being filled by another man. Like the couple is in a 69 position with the women on top. As the "other" guy is cumming in her pushy, it drips down into his mouth. OMG that would be amazing. I can't find it anywhere.

    We Score With A Married Woman

    I've been trying to get with this hot new girl at work for a few months now, flirting through instant messaging and text and trying to make excuses for her and I to meet in the office if possible. Finally after a couple of weeks she agreed to meet at the office to go out to dinner.

    We went out to dinner but then I planned on us watching a movie back at my apartment...there wasn't much else we could do out right now, but I also assumed that if we hung out in my apartment I'd have a better chance of scoring.

    It worked great. She wore a mini skirt to dinner so when we got to my place she wanted to get under a blanket in front of the TV. That put us right next to each other under a blanket. To get comfortable she sat with her legs tot eh side on the couch and backed up to my side. My arm naturally landed over her lap with my hand on her thigh. She moved around a little to get comfortable and I think to give me ideas, and let her skirt ride up so my hand was on bare thigh and my forearm touched her thong in front. We didn't really kiss, but by rubbing her thigh and asking if she liked it, it didn't take long for me to pull her thong to the side and begin fingering her.

    We sat like this for a while until she said, "that feels so good." She twisted around so now my hand was on her ass and she went for my erect cock. Within a minute or two she was going down on me while I played with her pussy from behind.

    Just as we started, my roommate came home. He wasn't supposed to be there. He came in and said immediately, "She's fucking HOT!" My date pulled her head up and said "Thanks" then went right back down on me. Without asking, he walked around to the other side of the sofa to stand behind her. She stopped and looked back at him and said "Yes, please!" and went back to blowing me. He quickly dropped his pants and got on the sofa between her legs. He bumped my hand out of the way then re-positioned her thong so he could penetrate her.

    Her blow job got a little more rough and sloppy as she became more turned on by my roommate fucking her than giving me a blowjob. I wasn't all that far away from shooting my load so I held her head in place and began to blast semen in her mouth. She kept sucking me throughout my orgasm then continued kissing and sucking on me as I went down but my roommate kept fucking her. It went like this for another couple of minutes until he finally came in her and they both started screaming together.

    We all sat side-by-side on the sofa, me and my roommate with our dicks out while she slowly jerked us back to life, her still dressed in her skirt and thong. I don't know if he got harder faster or what, but she rolled onto his lap and faced him and put his dick up her pussy while she held her thong to the side. They didn't kiss, probably because she had my spunk in her mouth, but he held her first by her hips then pushed up her sweater and bra to play with her tits. They humped like this for about 10 minutes while I slowly stroked my own cock and watched them and the TV. She started moaning louder and going faster and my roommate started grunting as he shot another load in her.

    As soon as he was done filling her pussy, she came over to me and straddled my dick the same way and started grinding on me. I could only last maybe five minutes after jerking myself for how many minutes plus watching them have sex. When I came I came fast in quick squirts up her pussy while she was grinding down on my cock.

    When we were all finished she pulled her bra and sweater into place, pulled her thong back over her pussy and sat back down next to me and put her legs across my roommates lap. We sat for a while like that then she said she better get home. I said she could stay, then no shit she says back "I told my husband I'd be home soon so I better not be late." "Oh fuck!" my roommate goes as I say "You're married? You never said you're married." She laughed and said "You never asked. It doesn't matter, he's a loser anyhow." I asked how she'd sneak in and she tells us "Fuck that, he knows I'm out with you, so he'll just get some used pussy tonight." She giggled and got up to get her phone. She had a little wet stain on the ass of her light brown skirt from leaking our cum out of her thong but she didn't care at all. She got a ride to pick her up and left.

    My roommate and I were in shock...actually, we both still are. She had three loads in her pussy and was probably telling her husband she wanted more when she got home. Now we're talking about asking her back to the apartment again.

    Ummm Cum

    I’m becoming a great married cock sucker, but I’m new and the only discrete site I know of is sniffles, there’s so damn many cock suckers and so few cocks to be sucked that have a safe place to let me suck cock, I want it bad

    Cheating With A BBC

    when i was in high school i went to a party with boyfriend's friend. we were drunk and he took out his Big Black Cock and pull me towards him and pull down my panty from my skirt and fuck me raw and in front of people. he took my shirt and bra off. we were fucking in front of everyone who was cheering us on. he fuck me for 20 mins until he cummed in me. i never told my boyfriend this.

  • Hmmm....

    I've always wanted to be fucked by a cute shemale with a big cock. Dunno why, I just think it'd be hot to have a cock inside me while I'm kissing some titties