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New Sexual Fantasy

I have a fantasy that is loosely set in The Witcher 3 video game world. It's kind of a medieval Europe with fantasy elements. I imagine that the whole world is cursed, everyone except a select few people are asleep. The guys all have raging hard cocks but are totally passed out. I have a specific curse, I'm a bi-guy that has a curse that makes me feverishly thirst for hot loads of cum. All the cursed men occupy everyday places and I just go around shoving cocks in my mouth and ass trying in vain to get cum out of them. One day I run into a cursed group of young studs. Their curse is such that they need are stricken so horny that they can barely contain themselves but, because they are cursed they need a woman to get their cocks hard for them. When they see me, the curse is such that they see me as the hottest girl the have ever seen. There are three total, all young, hairless studs with huge cut cocks. One sees me as a shorter, fat-assed, black hair girl with thigh boots. Another sees me as a tall blonde with pigtails and short skirt, barely covering my dripping pussy. The third sees me a a trans-girl with red hair and small perky tit and a stiff cock, perfect to hold onto while thrusting. When we see each other we fuck like wild animals. They use my asshole at the same time but in their heads, they are DP'ing me. They pig roast me and try to make their cocks meet in the middle of my stomach. I gag on their cocks, while they abuse and degrade me. "Fuck me like you hate me!" I repeatedly try to scream while they use my throat as a cheap fuck hole. After hours of the most brutal fucking I could have wished for, they pump me so full of cum in my ass and mouth that it fills my belly. I go to sleep and wake up the next day with the same insatiable thirst for cock and cum, and have to find new disgusting ways to seek hot loads.


Me and my gf have great fun having sex in all sorts of ways and with each other and apart. We always tell about our side hookups and it's hot to hear what we've each been up to.
One thing we been both wanting is to give her a double penetration of her tight ass and her dirty mouth.
Would be fun to be assfucking her and hearing a guy getting blown and telling her to suck his dick and that she better not spill a drop of his cum.
Better yet would be to ride her together and then switch places so she gets ass to mouth too.
She's a filthy little slut and loves to be dirty and whorish especially when she's had a few rum & cokes.

I Am Afraid I Screwed Up An Unscrewing It Will Make It Worse

I think I sent her the wrong signal. I know she is gay and we are friends with benefits. Her lease was coming up for renewal, I asked if she wanted to cut her rent expense she could room with me. It was purely a way to cut costs for her. She is upset that I showed her my second room, she guilted me into sharing the master with me, she is my friend and we play around, but the intent of my invitation never meant to be a commitment proposal.

  • Catching Gay Parents Doing It

    This is my first post & not good at long form & English not primary language but I hope it's good. I'll need to give a little background first so you dudes can understand the confession. It's totally true as I think it says it needs to be here. I'm 18 & my name is Justin. I live in area north of Montreal. I was adopted when I was very young so I don't remember anything before my adopted parents who are like bio parents to me. I consider myself a regular dude for my age but there's one thing different about me than most people I know. My parents are gay men. I say dads or fathers for plural but at home it's dad & father. My dads aren't naturalists but nudity was never anything to be ashamed of so I seem them nude lots but just from bathroom to their room short distance. They don't usually walk around house nude. Our house is one I grew up in & very small cause my dads are saving cash for early retirement. They are both 42. I mention small house cause my bedroom shares heater with theirs in the wall. It means I can hear stuff in there but they never knew that cause they leave an old type TV on when they fuck. I use Bluetooth for cool music so I usually never hear now. I know lots about them they don't think I know. I know usually, Mon, Wed they fuck at 11pm about 20 min. The fuck Fri 11pm about an hour n cum few times then same on Sat night. I know my father is top & dad bottom cause my dad moans whole time of sex n have heard him say to cum in his butt. My father is total top & he gets long orgasms like me but moans loud getting close then in orgasm which his orgasms are like full minute long. I've heard him say he's gonna nut up the butt sort of thing. I know they almost always butt fuck but maybe they start out oral.

    There were always house rules but I've always had it good cause my dads do kind of spoil me mostly because they worry about me being a dude who has gay parents so what others might say but I never had problems. Rules always were NEVER lock inside doors. In fact, there are no locks on any doors. ALWAYS knock before entering if a door is closed. They always respected my privacy and never just opened my door. I never opened theirs either. Bathroom is only one so my dads shower together then I shower. They go in nude then come out ..(continue confession)

    Grad Dads Love Cock Too

    I’m married most of my adult life, I’ve had all kinds of amazing sex, I’m str8 to the world around me, masculine,manly,in charge, I’ve fucked men, been sucked off,
    In my past I have been fucked and as of late I have been on a mission to learn to be a great cock sucker and I have a bud letting me do so!!!!!

    It’s been years since I have had a cock in my hole...
    I’m craving it bad, I am truly enjoying taking my buddies cum in my mouth and swallowing his big load.

    I confess I want to be a secret submissive slut to one hung top dom,,,

    Tell me how I can find one

  • Older The Better

    Over the last eighteen months I've been fucking a sixty one year old neighbor of ours.

    She's an absolute nymphomaniac and a very dirty bitch to boot.

    The first time I fucked Sally, was in front of her husband Des. He was dying and wanted to see her being fucked by a younger man, one last time.
    In their lounge that first time, I fucked her mouth, pussy and asshole only feet away from where he slowly masturbated.
    Sally might be sixty one now, but she's slim fit and full of sexual energy. She's a yoga instructor and still swims for a local club.

    Des actually got to see me fucking his wife several more times before he passed away, a month after I first fucked her.

    Even on the day he was buried, I fucked Sally on their bed. She wanted it, so who was I to refuse.

    The week following his burial I swear I was round at her home every night, comforting her with my cock. And that meant learning all about her sexual needs.

    Anything goes with Sally. And she's not limited to just men either.

    This past few months she's introduced me to a swim club member of hers. She's a little younger at fifty eight, but just as horny.

    Once or twice a week I fuck them both now, and sometimes watch Sally and Beth have lesbian sex without me getting involved. Having said that, I always fuck Beth before she leaves to go home to her husband.

    My mom knows I'm fucking her neighbor, but doesn't say anything.
    And the reason for that, was Des used to be her lover when my dad was around. They didn't divorce because of our neighbors, they divorced because my dad, who I occasionally see, enjoys fucking young guys.

    Sally's home has pretty much become my second home, and I often just walk in and fuck her when I'm horny. Which right now, is pretty much all day every day.

    You would think two older women would be enough, but I've got the horn for fucking older women now. And have recently been fucking a woman who works as a cleaner at the college I attended. She's a dirty bitch too, married with sons my age and loves having her asshole fucked.

    All it took was me telling her, her ass looked so good in the shorts she had on. Fifteen minutes later in a cleaning supplies room, I was sliding my cock into her asshole.

    Sally is ..(continue confession)

    I’ve Had Young And Now I Want...

    To start of I’m one of the most open guys about sex. My lady friends like that I don’t judge them, I say “get it! I hope it’s good”.

    Anyways I don’t watch porn a lot, if I do it’s all about “finger solos”, public anything, occasional bi-mmf, but one that leaves me so curious and mystic...Granny porn. Not mature, I like over 70+ the more real the better. Well my desire to have a older lady enjoy a young man that eats pussy, fingers, anal, makes females squirt. I don’t get the satisfaction of the desire from the porn. I want to see how she engaged with the young guy but I want to know how an older lady’s pussy feels. Is it just as wet? I can’t find the answer anywhere because most people just lie. If you have had a true experience...tell me how it went. Is it fun? I enjoy older women cause they will admit “fuck me” unlike a lot of young women. I get so hard to the thought of an older lady getting fucked by me and then taking my heavy hard load. If your an older lady tell me what you’d want, how it would go, would you want me to fuck you like a young slut or give you a nice deep fuck?

    Fuck I want this to happen soon. Shit I want an older lady to provoke me.

    Desperate College Days

    Hey yall it's Derby here again. Here's something from my days back in college.

    It was sophomore year of college and I was really getting into the whole party scene new to me. Didn't help that hot chicks on campus were dime a dozen. Soon, I had to get part time work to stay afloat.

    Talked to landlord one day about being late with rent and he told me not to worry about it if I could do him a favor. He had married this girl from the Philippines but wanted me to "put an American baby in her". He was too old to get it up and she was about my age.

    He brought her over later and she didn't speak a word of English but knew what she was there to do. He wanted to watch so he just stood by the door the whole time.

    It was pretty straight forward. She laid there, and I removed my pants. She was tight, obviously hand't been fucked in a while. I didn't have lube so I had to wet my dick with spit. He told me to choke her when I was about to shoot my load and I did.

    I moved out to a new apartment later so I'm not sure if I ever succeeded.


    Gave my maintenance guy a very hard time and one day he got fed up and
    turned me into his boi. Payback is a hard thing to endure!

    Mom And Son Lockdown

    I read on here about a number of mothers and sons who started having sex during the recent virus lockdown, which my mom and I started doing, too.
    My mom has been divorced from my father for about eight years and I have been divorced for three years. During the lockdown we both found ourselves drawn toward the idea of our being intimate. I had no idea that my mom was so sexual . For a solid month we enjoyed having sex quite regularly, everyday, and sometimes two and three times in one day.
    Now we have scaled back some to just once or twice a week, but we both love it, and it is just so significant and meaningful doing this together as mother and son. Now neither of us cannot imagine not having sex together.